Psalm 83:1-5

September 21, 2011

O God, do not remain silent; do not turn a deaf ear,
   do not stand aloof, O God.
See how your enemies growl, how your foes rear their heads.
 With cunning they conspire against your people; they plot against those you cherish.
 “Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
   so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you— Psalm 83:1-5

David could have called on the Lord with this prayer this morning. Its words are a supplication to frustrate a conspiracy against him.   

David asked the Lord not to remain silent…as Christians, we too cannot keep silent and we cannot hold our peace!

We must take action by:

CUFI is making a difference! Israel is rapidly becoming an issue recognized by millions of Americans as a key factor in our national security and an essential requirement in receiving God’s blessings as a nation and a people.


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