The 10th CUFI Summit was our largest and most important Summit to date.

Who but God could have known that 10 years after our founding the announcement of the terrible deal the President struck with Iran would come on the very day more than 5,000 CUFI delegates were in Washington? But there we were: the tip of the spear in the most important political battle of our lifetimes.

During the Summit we prayed together, beseeching God that He grant us wisdom and strength. We wept together as we heard the words of IDF Lt. Tzur Goldin whose brother was killed and his body held for ransom by Hamas terrorists during Operation Protective Edge. We cheered together as a series of top tier presidential candidates expressed their unwavering support for Israel and opposition to a nuclear Iran. And we stood together before our Representatives and Senators demanding they vote against the President’s bad deal with Iran.

To say that CUFI exists “for such a time as this” is almost an understatement. It is not a bridge too far to believe that God sought fit to allow our organization’s existence precisely because we have been tasked with standing up at this moment. We are here to ensure the world’s most dangerous and deadly regime, does not acquire the world’s most deadly and dangerous weapon.

Make no mistake, the course of history was altered on July 14th. For the first time in generations, a superpower was brought to its knees by a rogue state. But for the first time in history the Jewish people have true friends and allies. People who will stand up and condemn the anti-Semites and their enablers. That started ten years ago, and it has always been important, but today it is more vital than ever.

Following the news of this disastrous deal, it has become painfully clear that there are but two things that stand between Iran and a nuclear weapon: the American pro-Israel community and the IDF. If we do our jobs, the IDF won’t be compelled to do theirs. In stopping this bad deal from going through, we help to avoid war; we live up to our roles as peacemakers, defenders of Zion, and Christians.



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