CUFI’s Coffee Break

Lesson 16

The Battle for Future Support of Israel is on College Campuses

The Challenges to Jewish students and pro-Israel students on college campuses across America, and indeed the world, are real. We have an obligation as Christians to stand up for what’s right and support the State of Israel. We must also champion our students who face blatant anti-Semitism as well as anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism on campus.

AMCHA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting and combating anti-Semitism at institutions of higher learning in the US, tracked anti-Semitism on college campuses in 2018 and recorded 238 anti-Semitic incidents. In one instance, a Jewish student attending Beloit College in Wisconsin had an anti-Semitic note slipped under his dorm room door which said he “should be gassed.” At Virginia Tech, the Chabad Jewish Student Center announced plans to host a Holocaust survivor and, a day later, around 100 leaflets were found scattered across campus featuring hand-drawn swastikas.

Often anti-Semitism on campus is also masked by anti-Israel activity and intolerance for pro-Israel activism. Of the 238 instances of anti-Semitism on campus, AMCHA recorded 121 Israel-related incidents of anti-Semitism–a 70% increase from the previous year!

Students involved with Christians United for Israel’s university program, CUFI on Campus, have been bullied, harassed, screamed at, and suppressed when involved in pro-Israel advocacy on their campuses. One student even had a rock thrown at her for supporting Israel and the Jewish people.

The battle for the future support of Israel is on our campuses—it is a battle we cannot lose.

For Zion’s sake, we must band together and take action!

Prayerfully consider supporting CUFI on Campus students. Further the future of godly young men and women who have been set apart to serve God on behalf of Israel in the fight against this insidious hatred of the Jewish people. These students cannot fight this battle alone—they need our help!

Support our CUFI on Campus Students today!

To learn more about the importance and impact of young adults supporting Israel, watch a couple of the Israel Collective’s videos. The Israel Collective, an initiative of Christians United for Israel, was founded in 2014 by a team of young Christian leaders dedicated to building vibrant relationships between American Christians and the people of the Holy Land.

“Israel revealed by millennial Christians,” Israel Collective.

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