Commander of Navy’s 914 Squadron to Hezbollah: Don’t test us

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Four months after the IDF first raised its alertness level in northern Israel, the Navy’s 914 Squadron remains ready to respond to any threat along the border with Lebanon.

Despite the quiet that is felt by residents, “there’s nothing quiet when commanding an operational squadron, especially in the North,” Commander of Squadron 914 Lt.-Col. Kfir Raveh told The Jerusalem Post.

Raveh entered his position last year, shortly before Hezbollah fired three anti-tank missiles towards IDF positions along the border.

“I saw how within minutes the area could become tense,” he said.

A year later, the same scenario is playing out.

Though the military is on high alert and roadblocks have been set up along the roads close to the border, the residents are going about their daily routine.

“This year, we have also had several challenges in the maritime arena,” Raveh said, adding that one main challenge is making sure troops stay alert at all times, even when it seems quiet.

“Hezbollah is our main threat and we have to always be prepared to go from 0-100.”

Responsible for the northern sector, Squadron 914 guards the border between Israel and Lebanon and the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) which brings in 90% of Israel’s imports on Dvora patrol boats.

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