CUFI in Action – November 2017

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This has been a year filled with exciting new opportunities for Christians United for Israel as our relationships with Congress and the White House continue to deepen. In the first few days of 2017 we organized an emergency Washington Summit, flying over 260 CUFI leaders into DC to push back against the disastrous UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that President Obama allowed to pass just before last Christmas. At the time, Israel feared there would be yet another betrayal at the UN before President Trump took office. CUFI’s passionate pastors and other leaders in 49 states dropped everything at a moment’s notice to put their faith in action, fly to Washington, and raise their voices as representatives of over three million CUFI members. Despite the chaos and clamor on Capitol Hill during the transition from one president to the next, we were able to get appointments with 92% of the Senate offices we contacted. This was an historic feat, not only for CUFI, but for any grassroots organization—but this was just the beginning.

CUFI November Events

November 1 South River, New Jersey Stand With Israel

November 3 Providence, Rhode Island Stand With Israel

November 8 Compton, CA Stand With Israel

November 9th Ringgold, GA 4th Annual Night to Honor Israel

November 9th La Puente, CA Bilingual Stand with Israel

November 10 Gardena, CA Spanish Stand with Israel

November 11 South San Francisco, CA Pastor's Lunch

November 12 Reno, NV Middle East Briefing

November 13 Bethany, OK Pastor's Luncheon

November 15 Grants Pass, OR Stand With Israel

November 16 Bonney, WA Stand With Israel

November 19 Anchorage, AK Stand With Israel

November 19 Oceanview, NJ Stand With Israel

November 21 South Bend, WA Stand With Israel

November 28 Baltimore, MD Pastor's Meeting

November 12 Richmond, VA Stand With Israel

November 14 O'Fallon, IL Pastor's Meeting

November 19 Lytle, TX Stand With Israel

November 28 Greenville, SC Pastor's Meeting

November 29 Greenville, SC Stand With Israel