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CUFI in Action – October 2017

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One of CUFI’s great strengths is that we are a real and vibrant grassroots organization.  That’s pretty rare these days.  So many of the groups which claim to speak for large constituencies often represent no one but a few professional lobbyists in Washington.  But CUFI represents millions of supporters who live in every Congressional district across the country.  When our elected officials leave Washington and go back home to their states and districts, they find hundreds of active CUFI members waiting to speak with them.

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CUFI October Events


October 1 - Myrtle Beach, SC Standing With Israel

October 4 - Vassalboro, ME Pastors Breakfast

Standing With Israel October 7 - Franklin, TN

October 7 - Plano, TX Spanish Pastors and Leaders Luncheon

October 8 - Flintstone, GA Standing With Israel

October 11 - Farmers Branch, TX Spanish Standing With Israel

October 25 Kenosha, Wisconsin Bilingual Stand with Israel

October 27 Spanish Stand with Israel

October 29 Night To Honor Israel