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CUFI in Action – December 2018

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This has been a difficult year for many of our Jewish brothers and sisters, as a rising tide of anti-Semitism has made many feel threatened and alone. It is especially hard to be an Israeli, and wake up every morning to see international headlines condemning your country for defending its people against the never-ending onslaught of violent attacks along your borders and in your streets. That is why, more than ever, our Jewish friends need to see our love in action.


Dec 16th Spokane, WA Why Israel Event

Dec 16th Clayton, DE Why Israel Event

Dec 15th Lancaster, PA Spanish Pastors Meeting

Dec 12th Greenville, SC Spanish Night To Honor Israel

Dec 11th Greenville, SC Spanish Pastors Meeting Dinner

Dec 9th San Francisco, CA Standing With Israel

Dec 8th Moses Lake, MI Bilingual Pastors Meeting Luncheon

Dec 7th Pasco, WA Spanish Why Israel

Dec 5th Sacramento, CA Chanukah Celebration

Dec 5th San Antonio, TX Spanish Why Israel Event

Dec 5th Orlando, FL Spanish Pastors Meeting Breakfast

Dec 2-4 Leicester and Alden, NY Standing With Israel/ Leaders Luncheon