Explosive Balloon Found in Southern Israel

Categories: Incitement

An RPG head attached to a bundle of balloons was found in an agricultural area in the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel on Monday. 

A police sapper arrived at the scene and conducted a controlled detonation of the object attached to the balloons.

A series of explosive and incendiary balloon launches were reported in June, after the Descendants of Nasser (Ahfad Al-Nasser) balloon unit in the Gaza Strip threatened Israel with renewed launches, warning that the coming days would be the “beginning of hell” for Israelis who live near the Strip.

The launches of incendiary balloons have become more sporadic in recent months, but became more steady for a few days in June before lapsing again. The last time balloon launches were announced by the balloon units was in June and, before that, in late April. While they had threatened launches before the Knesset elections in March, none were actually reported.

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