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Session 1

March 2, 2017
Erick Stakelbeck discussed the four reasons why Christians – and all Americans – should support Israel. Plus, why every American should be concerned about the Iran threat. It’s not just a problem for Israel, but for the world.

Session 2

April 6, 2017
CUFI’s Founding Director, David Brog, presents “The 5 Nos”

Session 3

May 4, 2017
Our Founder and Chairman, Pastor John Hagee, joins us on CUFI University

Session 4

Jun 1, 2017
Welcome to our session with Pastor Scott Thomas, lead pastor of Free Life Chapel in Lakeland, FL. Today we will be talking about “Discovering God’s Agenda”

Session 5

July 6, 2017
Christians United for Israel’s National Diversity Outreach Coordinator Dumisani Washington discussed the Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardic, and African Jews that are returning to the Land; and why every Christian supporter of Israel should know this story, celebrating what our Jewish friends call The Redemption.

Session 6

August 3, 2017
From Anti-Semite to Proud Zionist:
Kasim Hafeez discussed his personal transformation from a Muslim extremists and Anti- Semite to a proud Zionist and defender of Israel.

Session 7

September 11, 2017
Join us as Major Elliot Chodoff of the Israeli Defense Force (Res) as we discuss MAKING SENSE OF THE SYRIAN MESS: Iran, Hizbullah, Russia, et al.
What are they all doing in Syria? We’ll take a look at Iran’s historical global ambitions, along with its agents and allies, and how it all comes together in Syria: terrorists, massacres, chemical weapons, and anonymous air strikes eliminating WMD capabilities.

Session 8

October 5, 2017
Join us as Pastor Jay of Solid Rock Church, GA discusses; What is it about Israel that attracted the attention and affection of Almighty God? If nothing about God is random, why did he choose Israel to be His covenant people? This CUFI U talk will examine the Scriptural basis for such a divine selection that it has changed the course of civilization.

Session 9

November 2, 2017
Join us as Pastor Lyndon Allen, CUFI’s Central Regional Coordinator and pastor of Woodmont Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, discusses Israel’s History.

Session 10

December 7, 2017
Join us as Randal Neal, CUFI’s Western Regional Coordinator, discusses the dynamics and the demographics of the Holy City of Jerusalem and the year of the Jubilee.