CUFI’s Film Series

CUFI Film Series

Truth is your weapon, and facts are your ammunition. Load up!”
– Israel Defense Forces (res) Major Elliot Chodoff

CUFI’s Israel Film Series: Journey through Israel’s Past, Present, and Future, created by Jerusalem U, is designed to equip you with the necessary information to understand the origins of the modern State of Israel as well as the challenges it faces today.

Six world-class documentary films, produced by Jerusalem U, will be available to you for FREE over the next year.  Watch in your own time at your own speed.

Award winning works that inspire, to informative courses unavailable elsewhere, will provide you with a deep understanding of Israel, her history, and her challenges. The seemingly complex Israeli-Arab conflict becomes easy to grasp as blanks are filled in, dots are connected, and elusive puzzle pieces are finally put into place.

To sign up, click below.  The price for this course is $100, but we are providing it to you for FREE.  Please enter the code CUFI and your total will become zero.

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