How everyday people can help Israel and support peace in the Middle East

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This year can no longer be written off as a complete annus horribilis. Against all odds, peace appears to be breaking out in the Middle East.

Last week, Israel doubled the number of formal peace agreements with its regional Arab neighbors, leapfrogging from two to four. To borrow a phrase from the Democratic presidential nominee, the warm peace agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are “a BFD.”

But what can individuals or organizations now do to support these burgeoning alliances and further cement peace in the region? That’s the question everyone who embraces peace and a strong U.S.-Israel relationship should now be asking. Some ideas are best suited for those active on social media, some are aimed at those in the business world, and others work best for students and others active in campus life.

Dov Hikind, the founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, acknowledged he hasn’t tracked public comments from Jewish organizations but advises, “If they haven’t, everyone should support this.” Hikind continued, “People need to make their voices heard. Everything counts, everything is important. Something like this happens, it’s something to celebrate.”

That is undoubtedly true. As for how people might make their voices heard, blogger Elder of Ziyon recommends amplifying pro-Israel Gulf Arab content on social media, that entrepreneurs form joint U.S.-Israel-UAE partnerships, and that people engage in the usual writing of op-eds, letters to the editor, and comments on news articles.

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