How Team Trump is combatting Iran’s militant anti-Semitism

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Even as the pandemic has taken a major hit on Iran, Tehran refuses to let up on its virulent hatred of Jews and targeting of Israel. Which is why the Trump administration’s pushback remains as vital as ever.

When the Islamic Revolution swept Iran 41 years ago, an ideology driven by rabid anti-Semitism erased a culture of tolerance, even affection, toward Jews. The shah’s kingdom had rescued Jews during the Holocaust and helped Jewish families escape persecution in Iraq.

Today, the Islamic Republic is the world’s chief state sponsor of anti-Semitism; Jew-hatred is core to its ideology. It was only a few months after Ayatollah Khomeini came to power in 1979 that the Islamist authorities executed the president of Iran’s Jewish community on charges of being a “Zionist” and “economic imperialist,” the first of several Iranian Jews killed.

The regime also formed within its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps an elite special-operations unit called the Jerusalem Force, or Quds Force, commanded (until recently) by General Qassem Soleimani and dedicated to the “liberation” of Jerusalem from the Jews.

In the 1980s, the Quds Force midwifed the birth of Hezbollah, one of the deadliest and most anti-Semitic terrorsist groups on Earth.

In the 1990s, Iran and its terrorist proxies carried out multiple suicide bombings of Jewish targets in Argentina and Bulgaria, murdering 120 people and injuring hundreds more.

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