IDF Finds Explosives, Firearm on Site of Thwarted Attack in North

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While investigating the site of a thwarted terrorist attack on Israel’s border with Syria, IDF fighters found a firearm and a bag of explosives, the army said Monday.

The backpack and the weapon were located on Israeli territory, some 25 meters away from the security fence, the army said.

“We won’t allow any harm to Israel or our sovereignty,” the army asserted in a tweet, posting the image of the items and their location.

The same message was relayed by the IDF to Maj. Gen. Ishwar Hamal, head of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, during Monday’s meeting.

The army stressed that it views Syria accountable for what is happening on its territory.

The meeting followed a thwarted overnight attack that saw a group of four terrorists approach the security barrier, some of them carrying arms.

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