IDF Pummels Hamas Targets In Gaza Strip For Arson Balloon Attacks

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Gazan rocket backfires earlier at night, killing four Palestinian Islamic Jihad members

Israeli tanks and aircraft struck several points in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning in response to continued incendiary balloon attacks fired into Israel Monday.

“During the day, explosive and arson balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel,” Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement. “In response, a short while ago, IDF fighter jets, tanks and aircraft struck military posts and an underground infrastructure belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the southern Gaza Strip.”

“The IDF remains ready to operate decisively against any attempted terror activity aimed at Israeli civilians or any violation of Israeli sovereignty,” they added

Early in the evening, reports came in Palestinian media outlets of an explosion in eastern Gaza eventually attributed to a rocket that accidentally went off, killing at least four members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The attacks against Hamas targets have come almost nightly since terrorist groups from Gaza began releasing incendiary balloons into Israel in early August, which burned over 36 acres of Israeli land on Monday alone.

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