In our 12-year history, our first-ever Hispanic Outreach event in Hillsboro, Oregon took place on Wednesday night, February 7th. This historic Spanish Standing With Israel event was excellently hosted by Pastor Ramon Aguilera and his congregation, Iglesia Roca De Luz Eterna of the Northwest Hispanic District of the Assemblies of God. Over 100 congregants attended this epic event and we were blessed to also have our CUFI Oregon State Director, Pastor Denny Stahl, in attendance. Our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, shared our CUFI vision, mission and pro-Israel biblical mandate, and the congregation responded so well to the message that many of the became member of CUFI while some of them also joined our Daughters For Zion Prayer Network, and the majority of the congregation gave an offering to support our CUFI On Camus work. All in all, it was a great first of many Hispanic Outreach events we look forward to having in this city and the greater Portland, Oregon area.