CUFI’s impact on Israel’s story is making Israel stronger and her people safer. We educate and activate Christians to stand with Israel in churches, classrooms, and communities across the United States. See how your donations and support enable CUFI to make a tangible difference.

CUFI on Campus provides students with the skills, resources, and knowledge to support Israel. Our training and mentorship gives students the confidence to defend their beliefs in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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Hosted by Erick Stakelbeck, reporting from Israel and Washington, DC, the program provides insight and interviews with top US and Israeli experts and showcases the work CUFI does to strengthen the US-Israel relationship.

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The Israel Collective brings Christian leaders to Israel to experience a personal encounter with the people and the land. The IC also produces films that highlight human interest stories revealing the heart of the Israeli people.

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CUFI’s Pastor Leadership Tours to Israel transform pastors from spiritual pilgrims into passionate Zionists. These pastors are profoundly changed by their experiences in Israel. Some come to Israel with negative preconceptions.

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Daughters For Zion Prayer Network organizes groups in America to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the well-being of the State of Israel, the growth and development of CUFI, and other prayer efforts in every city across the United States.

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CUFI’s BDS Taskforce protects Israel from boycotts, divestment, and sanctions by passing anti-BDS legislation on campus and in state government and focuses on training students in successful challenging the anti-Semitic narrative of the BDS movement.

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Telling the story of more than 850,000 Jewish refugees expelled from North Africa and the Middle East. The Mizrahi Project is a series of short films that features a member of the Mizrahi Jewish community, telling that story to the world.

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These people had life-changing and faith-altering experiences with Christians United for Israel. Each one discovered they had their own important role to play in Israel’s story. See how God is using them to bless Israel as part of CUFI.

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