The Watchman

As America’s largest pro-Israel organization we have joined forces with the world’s largest Christian television network, TBN, to produce “The Watchman,” a cutting-edge weekly newsmagazine delivering the inside story on what’s happening in Israel and the Middle East and why it matters to you.

Hosted by CUFI’s Erick Stakelbeck, “The Watchman” spotlights the rising security threats–like Iran, Hezbollah and ISIS–that are facing America and Israel today. Through on-the-ground reporting from Israel and Washington DC, as well as expert commentary and interviews with top U.S. and Israeli experts and decision-makers, “The Watchman” shows how Israel is the first line of defense for the Western world.

In addition, “The Watchman” reveals the amazing Biblical history of Israel, regularly visiting legendary sites in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Galilee and beyond that bring the Bible to life and provide irrefutable proof of the Jewish people’s ancient, ancestral claim to the Land.

“The Watchman” also showcases the many uplifting and miraculous stories unfolding across Israel each day that show how the Jewish State is fulfilling its Biblical mandate as a “light unto the nations.” Whether scientific, medical and hi-tech breakthroughs or groundbreaking humanitarian work, we tell the important stories about Israel that you likely haven’t heard from the mainstream media.

Last but not least, “The Watchman” highlights the vital work CUFI is doing in churches, classrooms, and communities across the United States, as well as on Capitol Hill, to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and educate and activate Christians everywhere to stand with Israel.

So why should Christians–and all Americans–stand with Israel? Tune in to “The Watchman” every Friday night at 10:30 pm Eastern on TBN to find out!

The enemies of Israel are on the march.

Genocidal terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, with help from Iran, are acquiring new and more powerful weaponry in order to achieve their goal of wiping Israel off the map. These same rogue regimes and terror groups share a violent hostility towards the United States and the West.

Yet the assault on Israel is not limited to the terrorists’ guns and bombs. On the diplomatic front, the UN passes repeated resolutions that deny Israel’s claim to it ancestral capital, Jerusalem. At the same time, college campuses have become hotbeds of anti-Israel activity, and Israel–the Middle East’s only democracy–is all too often portrayed in the mainstream media as the problem, and not the solution, in the world’s most chaotic region. Sadly, even some in the Church say that God is done with Israel forever.

Help CUFI and  “The Watchman” continue to expose these false, destructive narratives and bring the truth about Israel and God’s plan for His people to millions of viewers around the world each week. Through frequent, on-the-ground productions in Israel and in-depth analysis that you won’t hear anyone else, we have become the premiere pro-Israel program on American television. Please donate today and help us continue our important work for God’s people and God’s Land.

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Watch episode 107 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem to interview the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, and get an up close look at the newly opened United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

Watch episode 106 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is joined in Washington D.C by Texas Senator Ted Cruz to discuss the gathering threats to America and Israel and the two countries’ unbreakable bond. Plus, an Israeli soldier narrowly escapes death and despite being confined to a wheelchair, takes his life to even greater heights.

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Host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by CUFI colleagues to sample the sights, sounds, and tastes of the legendary Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

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Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem to discover why the legendary Machane Yehuda Market is known as the heartbeat of Jerusalem. Plus, cast members from the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty” visit Israel and share their powerful experience.

Watch episode 103 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck visits Jordan and tours the ruins of the ancient Herodian fortress of Mukawer, site of John the Baptist’s imprisonment and execution.

Watch episode 102 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck visits Jordan to explore the country’s rich Biblical history. Renowned Israeli tour guide and archaeologist Danny “The Digger” Herman joins us on the legendary Mount Nebo, where God showed Moses the Promised Land. We also learn the story of the Nabatean people, who were a powerful presence in Jordan, Arabia and southern Israel during the time of Jesus. And we get an up close look at the oldest known mosaic map of the Holy Land.

Watch episode 101 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem with two brave Israeli survivors of terrorism who share their harrowing but inspiring stories.

Watch episode 100 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem to interview Ambassador Dore Gold about the Iranian regime’s war on the United States. Plus, an update on an American Christian pastor imprisoned in Turkey, and the inside story of how Israelis are helping their Arab Muslim neighbors in war-torn Syria.

Watch episode 99 of The Watchman:
As Israel marks its 70th anniversary, host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem to capture the sights and sounds of the annual “Jerusalem Day” celebration and learn the history of Israel’s struggle to regain its ancient and eternal capital.

Watch episode 98 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Washington, D.C. to see the amazing history and artifacts displayed at the new Museum of the Bible.

Watch episode 97 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in Jerusalem with the leadership of Christians United for Israel to discuss the strong U.S/Israel alliance and the upcoming CUFI Washington Summit.