The Watchman – Archive 13


Watch episode 113 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is in southern Israel near the Gaza border to report on the deadly recent Hamas rocket barrage against Israeli cities. From a bombed out apartment building in Ashkelon to inside a bomb shelter in Sderot, get the on-the-ground, inside story of the Iran-backed Hamas terror onslaught against Israel and how the Israel Defense Forces are fighting back.

Watch episode 114 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is joined in Jerusalem by CUFI founder and national chairman Pastor John Hagee as they visit an active archeological dig at the City of David—ancient Jerusalem—and walk the ancient Road of Pilgrimage used by Jesus and the disciples 2,000 years ago to ascend up to the Second Temple.

Watch episode 111 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by CUFI’s Founder and National Chairman, Pastor John Hagee, who discusses his new book, “Earth’s Final Empire,” and why Christians must not remain silent as threats gather against Israel and America. Plus, see CUFI’s award winning short film on how Israelis are helping the children of Middle East refugees—and changing hearts and minds in the process.

Watch episode 112 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Staklebeck is in Washington, D.C. to interview CUFI’s Gary Bauer about the Trump administration’s efforts to fight anti-Semitism and Christian persecution worldwide. Plus, Jay Sekulow joins us to present Israel’s legal and historical claim to Jerusalem, and we visit a fascinating new exhibit at the Museum of the Bible

Watch episode 109 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck visits Israel’s unique 9/11 Memorial in Jerusalem and examines the growth of the special relationship between the United States and Israel under President Trump. Plus, get an inside look at one Israeli non-profit’s efforts to land a spacecraft on the moon.

Watch episode 110 of The Watchman:
Host Erick Stakelbeck is joined by Israeli military analyst Elliot Chodoff on the Golan Heights to discuss the impact of the ongoing war in Syria and how it affects America and Israel. Plus, the inside story of how an Israeli hospital in the Western Galilee is treating wounded Syrians.