Iran: Khamenei Says Missile, Nuclear Programs Non-Negotiable

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Khamenei says ‘national capabilities,’ economy diversification key to withstanding US pressure

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei said that the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs were not negotiable, Reuters reported Friday.

In a televised address, Iran’s supreme leader also said that the US sanctions on his country “are aimed at collapsing our economy,” as well as limiting Iran’s regional clout.

He urged Iranians to resist the US pressure, saying that “relying on national capabilities” and diversifying the country’s economy to become less dependent on energy exports were key to weathering the storm.

The comments come after Iran held a major annual military drill earlier this week, which included a ballistic missile launch from underground platforms — world’s first, as per Iran’s announcement — and an attack on a mock US aircraft carrier.

The US called the drill an irresponsible provocation.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington have been high for months, with the US pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal that sought to limit its nuclear ambitions in exchange for rolling back the international sanctions on the country.

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