Iran sentences 3 more men to amputation for ‘stealing,’ reviving once-rare Islamic law

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Just weeks after Iranian judicial authorities upheld the sentences of four young men to have four fingers amputated after being convicted of theft, there are new chilling reports that an additional two men have also been slapped with the same draconian punishment.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), the Iranian courts this week dismissed the appeals of two brothers behind bars at the Orumiyeh Central Prison, giving the green light for the men accused of robbery to have four fingers from their right hands chopped off, as per the Islamic Penal Code for stealing.

The prisoners Mehrdad Teymouri, 30, and his older brother, Shahab Teymouri, 35, are residents of Karaj, KHRN reported, and were initially arrested in April 2019 along with another individual and found guilty for a string of robberies in the region.

But efforts to have the subsequent sentence of amputation overturned have come to the end of the judicial road, reports indicate.

In a separate criminal ruling, the Second Branch of the Urmia Court sentenced another prisoner, 32-year-old Arash Ali Akbari, to the amputation of his right hand.

The news comes less than a month after four men – who were tried in juvenile court and have bemoaned that they were forced to confess under torture and duress – lost their appeals in the Iranian Supreme Court and were subsequently ordered to have four fingers severed from their right hands.

The men, Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian, Kasra Karami and Mehdi Shahivand, were initially tried last November on charges of four counts of robbery in the northern city of Urmia and have remained behind bars ever since.

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