Iran’s Military Drill Backfires After Mock-Up US Aircraft Carrier Sinks in Wrong Place

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An Iranian mock-up of a US aircraft carrier, used in the recent Prophet Mohamed 14 war games, has sunk in the wrong place, creating a logistical nightmare for Iran’s military forces.

Intended as a propaganda coup, particularly the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy (IRGC-N), to symbolize that it could, if called upon, destroy an actual US aircraft carrier.

However, the fake carrier, which is, in fact, an elaborate target barge, is not intended to sink. “Instead it is reusable and has been symbolically ‘destroyed’ twice already,” according to an article in Forbes.

The ‘carrier’ began to sink as it was being towed back to Bandar Abbas Port after being attacked in the military drill. It was apparently visibly listing steeply to one side on July 31.

Although very large, the fake carrier is still much smaller than an actual US aircraft carrier, whose markings are painted on the barge. It’s sinking at the harbor’s entrance is a real headache for the Iranian Navy and IRGC-N.

At only 45-feet deep, the water there is relatively shallow and it cannot be allowed to completely submerge, as it could cause catastrophic damage to any ship that sailed over it.

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