Israel’s security agency arrests suspected Hezbollah recruiter in East Jerusalem

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Woman spotted by Hezbollah, recruited after attending youth conference in Lebanon in 2015

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) arrested a suspected Hezbollah recruiter based in East Jerusalem, the agency revealed Thursday.

Yasmin Jaber, a staffer with the National Library at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was arrested and brought in for questioning on August 20.

The woman is said to have appeared on Hezbollah’s radar after attending a Palestinian youth conference in Lebanon in 2015, set up by the group to scout out the potential recruits.

During another visit to Lebanon in 2016, she was approached by a joint Hezbollah and Iran’s Quds force unit.

She was in touch with her handlers on social media through coded messages and also met with them in Turkey. Her mission was to recruit more agents and form a clandestine cell in Israel. 

With indictments set to be filed in the coming days, the Shin Bet said that the probe helped it shed more light on Hezbollah’s operational practices in recruiting Israeli Arabs, including the coded message exchanges on public networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, and meetings abroad, especially in Turkey.

Earlier this month, Shin Bet revealed a sweeping operation in the West Bank, which saw some 21 Hamas agents arrested.

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