Today in Israeli History


1947: The Arab League plans to meet and discuss ways to resist the partition of Palestine into two states.

1947: Emanuel Neumann, President of the Zionist Organization of America, sought formal recognition of the Jewish volunteer defense units as being the Jewish militia in Palestine.

1948: The Arab Congress names Abdullah of Trans Jordan, King of Palestine.  Abdullah earned this title because the Jordanian Army (known as the Arab Legion) had successfully crossed the Jordan River and seized what is now called the West Bank and the eastern section of Jerusalem.

1949: The UN General Assembly’s Political Subcommittee recommends an international Jerusalem despite objections of Israel and Jordan.

1966: Yad Vashem officially recognized Father Père Marie-Benoît as a Righteous Among the Nations for helping thousands of Jews to reach Switzerland and Spain from the South of France.

1968: Near Amman, Jordan, Israeli commandos destroy four bridges.

1973: David Ben-Gurion, First Prime Minister of Israel, passed away.

1977: Three weeks into the Sadat peace initiative, the Carter administration had offered only the faintest approval for the Egyptian president’s visit to Jerusalem, and had not yet abandoned its support for Geneva in favor of the bilateral Egyptian-Israeli process that Sadat, Begin and Dayan were actively proposing.

1984: Three people were injured when grenade throwing terrorists attacked a bus in Jerusalem.

1987: One Israeli soldier was injured by a terrorist crossing into Israel from Egypt.

1993: Shalva Ozana, age 23, and Yitzhak Weinstock, age 19, were shot to death by terrorists from a moving vehicle, while parked on the side of the road to Ramallah because of engine trouble. Weinstock died of his wounds the following morning. Iz a-Din al Kassam claimed responsibility for the attack.

1994: An axe-wielding Islamic militant killed an Israeli soldier in a northern Israeli town today, officials said.

1995: Yigal Amir, the confessed assassin of Yitzhak Rabin, today denied suggestions that he had acted with the approval of a rabbi, and insisted that he had decided on the killing alone after careful deliberation.

2005: A new defense system designed for civilian planes passed it its final test. The new anti-missile protection system is designed to defend passenger jets from shoulder-held missile attacks. El Al will begin installing the systems as early as next week. 

2009: Knesset Member Ayoub Kara (Likud), who also is Deputy Minister for Development of the Galilee and Negev, is scheduled to tour the Dead Sea area this morning, accompanied by representatives of the Megilot Regional Council. He is promoting the Dead Sea as one of the 28 finalists in the contest for the New Seven Wonders of Nature, sponsored by the New Seven Wonders Fund.

2010: Final day for students at Princeton to cast their ballot on a referendum that would allow brands of hummus other than Sabra to be sold in university stores. Sabra is half-owned by The Strauss Group, which has publicly supported the IDF and provides care packages and sports equipment to Israeli soldiers. The referendum was initiated by Princeton Committee on Palestine, which is led by Yoel Bitran, an American-born Jewish student who moved to Chile and returned to the U.S. to attend Princeton.

2011: After about three months of operation Jerusalem’s light rail is scheduled to begin charging passengers today

2011: Israel’s Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch today condemned the recent “delegitimization campaign” carried out against the Supreme Court, saying Israeli politicians are responsible.

2012: Today, Tzipi Livni’s newly founded Hatnua (The Movement) party began filling its ranks, ahead of next week’s deadline for submitting Knesset lists.

2013: The Temple Mount was closed to Jews today after a fight between Jews and Muslim worshippers broke out on the plaza. Police say scuffles began after Muslims took exception Jews singing Hanukkah songs at the site.

2013: The Israeli Prime Minister took part in the candle-lighting ceremony at the Great Synagogue in Rome.

2014: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to announce his decision on whether or not to “call for early elections” today.

2014: Yehoshua Lorch, an Israeli woman, was stabbed south of Jerusalem by 22 year old Amal Taqatqa an “affiliate” with the Fatah movement who “tried to stab a soldier at the same location” in 2011

1900: Herzl First visit of the Turkish agent Eduard Crespi in Vienna.

1902: In order to renew the connection with Austrian Prime Minister Ernest von Koerber, Herzl sends him a copy of “Altneuland”.

1905: “Christians Urged to Contribute” published today included a statement by Samuel Goldstein, who has contributed $10 for the “poor suffering Jews of Russia, that “if every Christian” living in the United States read the recently published letters of Sherva Sandelman and Aaron Sheftshik, two Jewish children trapped in Russia “the amount sent in for the Jewish relief fund will be increased thrice the amount already received.”

1917: In Baltimore, MD, two meetings were held at the Hippodrome and Palace Theatres sponsored by the Baltimore Conference for Jewish National Restoration in Palestine heard an address by Jacob De Haas, a former secretary to Theodore Herzl, after which resolutions were “unanimously and enthusiastically approved” expressing support for “the declaration of the British Government, promulgated by Mr. Balfour, favoring the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.”

1937:  The Palestinian Post reported that scores of bullets hit the Haifa-Kiryat Haim bus, but no one was wounded.

1947: First day of a three-day general strike called by the Arab Higher Committee to protest the UN vote for partition.

1948: The Iraq government “suggested” to oil companies operating in Iraq, that no Jewish employees be accepted.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported on the new Israeli peace initiative which urged the scrapping of all old UN resolutions and provided for negotiations based on the consideration of all security, territorial, refugee, economic and regional questions, as well as scientific, cultural and technical cooperation.

1973: King Hussein of Jordan said that there could no peace in the area until Israeli forces had completely withdrawn from all lands taken in 1967 including all of Jerusalem

1973: Yonatan Netanyahu wrote to his brother Benjamin: “We’re preparing for war, and it’s hard to know what to expect. What I’m positive of is that there will be a next round, and others after that. But I would rather opt for living here in continual battle than for becoming part of the wandering Jewish people.

1990: Terrorist conducted a deadly attack on a bus in Tel Aviv.

1998: In Israel, one person is injured in a stabbing attack.

2001:A suicide bombing on an Egged bus #16 in Haifa shortly after 12:00 kills 15 people

2010: Two Palestinian terrorists were killed on the Gaza border this morning, when IDF troops opened fire on a number of suspects on the northern end of the Strip. The terrorists were apparently trying to infiltrate a kibbutz on the Gaza border.

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz decided today to confiscate the tax revenues that Israel collected for the Palestinian Authority during the month of November, and use it to offset the PA’s debt to Israel’s Electric Corporation.

2013: The Syrian war continues to spill over into Israel: IDF forces on the Golan Heights near the Syria border were shot at from a Syrian army outpost today. 

1945: Abdul Azzam Bey, Arab League secretary general, announces that member states will boycott all Jewish-produced goods from Palestine beginning January 1, 1946.

1947: Arab violence continues with an attack on a synagogue in the Old City.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported the Israeli denial that its troops crossed the armistice lines in the vicinity of Jerusalem and tried to lay mines in Jordanian-occupied territory.

1958: Terrorist killed one and injured thirty-one others in an attack on Gonen, a kibbutz in northern Israel in the Upper Galilee.

1968: Hunter Hawker Jets of the Royal Jordanian Air Force attack IAF craft as they bomb PLO terror camps in Jordan.

1977: Six people were injured when terrorists set off a bomb in a Jerusalem market.

1990: One Israeli was killed and five were wounded today in a stabbing attack aboard a bus in Israel, officials said.

1995: Matityahu Shmuelevitz, a close aide to the late Prime Minister Menachem Begin, passed away today at the age of 75.

2001: In the wake of bombings that killed 26 Israelis, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared war on terror.

2005: Today, Israel reiterated threats made last week to block Palestinians from access to the Karni and Erez crossings if the flow of terrorists into Gaza continues.

2007:  Sixty one years after he was buried at a cemetery in southeast Washington, the exhumed remains of Stephen Theodore Norman, the only grandchild of Theodor Herzl will be flown to Israel following services at Adas Israel in Washington, D.C.

2008: Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, a leading Orthodox thinker and an early champion of women’s rights, who passed away on Monday at the age of 98 was buried in Jerusalem.

2009: The Israel-America Chamber of Commerce presents “US & Israel: Confronting Challenges,” a daylong “symposium” that will identify current challenges in order to secure our economic future.

2010: The Carmel fire was spreading late tonight from the direction of Haifa University towards the neighborhood of Denya in the city

2011: Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on today that Iran is getting closer to developing a nuclear bomb, and that new and more crippling sanctions should be imposed on the Islamic Republic.

2012: Australia’s largest natural gas and oil company, Woodside Petroleum, has taken a 30 percent stake in Israel’s Leviathan off-shore gas drilling operation

2012: Israeli security forces continue to foil Arab road terror attempts, including an attempted axe-murderer and a briefcase bomb under a bridge.

2013: New Israeli ambassador to America Ron Dermer presented his credentials this afternoon to US President Barack Obama, officially taking over the role as the Jewish state’s top US envoy.

2014: Palestinian teen stabbed two people and was shot by an off-duty security guard at a West Bank supermarket this afternoon in what Israeli police said was an apparent terror attack.

2014: Congress was poised to give its final approval this afternoon to a bill that will serve as a framework for increased partnership with Israel in a number of key sectors, particularly energy and defense.

1903: Herzl reports in his diary: “The Russian members of the A. C., particularly Usshiskin, Jacobson, etc. are in open rebellion.

1936: The Palestine Post reported on the daily work of the Peel Commission and included the rumor that one or two of the Commissioners were starting to feel the pressure of their continuous and arduous work.

1948: The UN General Assembly Political and Security Committee passes a British-Canadian plan for a council commission on Palestine to negotiate a final peace settlement.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the cabinet approved the resignation of Lt.-Gen Yigael Yadin, the second chief of General Staff, and appointed Maj.-Gen. Mordechai Makleff as his successor.

1976: In Israel, “three young Palestinian killed themselves while building a bomb.”

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that President Anwar Sadat and the Egyptian government were disappointed by what they regarded as an insufficiently forthcoming Israeli response to Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem.

1990: An Israeli military court sentenced 12 Palestinian guerrillas today to 30 years in prison for a foiled seaborne raid in May that prompted Washington to sever its contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization

2001: The United States froze the financial assets of organizations linked to Hamas, the terror group that claimed responsibility recent deadly suicide attacks in Israel.

2008: Qasam rocket landed near Sderot.

2011:  The epicenter of an earthquake felt across northern Israel today was in the Hula and Sea of Galilee region.

2012: Tzipi Livni, the head of the Hatnua party, today lambasted the government for its handling of the fallout from the Palestinians’ successful UN status-upgrade.

2013: Hezbollah accused Israel of assassinating Hasan al-Laqis “a top operative” and“one of the main commanders of its rocket division

2013: Today Warner Bros. revealed that Israeli actress Gal Gadot was cast in the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2014: Over 80 people were treated for respiratory problems on both sides of the Israel-Jordan border this morning, amid warnings of an ecological disaster following a major oil spill overnight that flooded the highway leading into Eilat.

1947: The U.S. State Department announced that no arms will be sent to the Middle East.  This embargo worked in the benefit of Arab states who had existing militaries.

1947: The Jewish Agency announced the call-up of all men and women between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five for national service.  This was part of the Jewish communities response to the immediate increase in Arab violence following the vote to adopt the UN back partition plan.

1948: At its meeting in Tel Aviv, the Knesset publicly declared the Jerusalem was the capital of the new Jewish state. 

1948: First day of Operation Assaf, a campaign by the IDF to secure the western Negev by dislodging the Egyptians who had invaded the area out the outbreak of the war.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that it was decided to proceed with the release of accounts held by Arab refugees in banks in Israel.

1977: In response to the Declaration of Tripoli Egypt breaks diplomatic relations with Syria, Libya, Algeria, Iraq and South Yemen. The Declaration of Tripoli was part of an Arab attack on Sadat for his visit to Israel and his willingness to recognize the Jewish state.

1993: David Mashrati, a reserve soldier, was shot and killed by a terrorist attempting to board a bus on route 641 at the Holon junction.

2001: A suicide bomber exploded a powerful bomb shortly after 7:30 AM on King David Street in Jerusalem.

2005: Five people were killed and 50 wounded after a suicide attack at a Netanya shopping mall.

2007: Sixty one years after he was buried at a cemetery in southeast Washington, the exhumed remains of Stephen Theodore Norman, the only grandchild of Theodor Herzl will be buried on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem.

2008: Palestinian rocket fire on the western Negev continued today, with five Kassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip throughout the day.

2011: Lebanon filed a complaint in the United Nations against Israel today for its retaliation to Katyusha rockets fired into Israel late last month, Lebanese newspaper the Daily Star reported

2011: Israel’s Education Ministry issued an order today forbidding any school trips to take place around the southern Israeli city of Eilat, following warnings against a possible terror attack on the Israel-Egypt border,

2012: With polls indicating “Kadima either barely getting into the Knesset or not even passing the threshold” in the upcoming elections Marina Solodkin announced that she would not be a candidate.

2013: A wet and cold winter storm hit Israel this morning, bringing welcome rain to much of the country

2014: “Reports indicated today that the Labor Party headed by Isaac Herzog and the Hatnua party led by former justice minister Tzipi Livni were considering running together in the March 2015 elections.”

1937: The Palestine Post reported on the visit to Damascus of the Nazi German youth leader Baldur von Schirach, accompanied by a large entourage. There was little doubt that the Syrian Arab youth seemed to be particularly vulnerable to this latest Nazi effort to spread their propaganda throughout the entire Middle Eastern area.

1947: Members of the Haganah and Arab soldiers clash

1948: On the second day of Operation Assaf carried Israeli forces captured another important position, thus completing all the operation’s objectives.

1948: Representatives of Israel and Iraq sign a cease-fire agreement. The Iraqi troops were the largest contingent of troops from an Arab state with no contiguous border with Israel to take part in the war aimed at crushing the Jewish state.  The Iraqi failure to defeat the Jews of Israel led to their attacking their own Jewish population forcing them to flee. 

1949: Demobilised Palmach soldiers founded Gan Yoshiya, a moshav near the Green Line.  It was named in honor of the Anglo-Jewish leader Josiah Wedgewood.

1953: At Ben-Gurion’s insistence, Moshe Dayan was appointed Chief of Staff of the IDF.

1977: In London, Prime Minister Menachem Begin announced that while Israel would refuse to consider the establishment of a PLO-dominated state on the West Bank, it wished to solve the problem of the Palestine Arabs “in justice and dignity.”

1982: It was reported that The U.S. failure to start negotiations for the withdrawal of Israeli, Syrian and Palestinian forces from Lebanon is worrying senior Reagan Administration officials

1983: A bomb planted on a bus in Jerusalem explodes, killing 6 Israelis

1995: Today, Dennis Ross, the chief Middle East mediator in the United States State Department, held talks with President Hafez Assad of Syria to assess his reactions to initiatives for peace talks made by Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

1995: Prosecutors filed charges of premeditated murder against Yitzhak Rabin’s confessed assassin today as Israel marked the end of the 30-day mourning period for the slain Prime Minister

2005: The United States Ambassador to the United Nations announced that Algeria prevented the release of a statement by the UN Security Council condemning Monday’s suicide bombing in Netanya.

2008: Terrorists in Gaza fired rockets into Ashkelon and Sderot. 

2009: The Israeli Cabinet voted to appoint Yehuda Weinstein as the next Attorney General of Israel.

2012: Coming out of a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she and Netanyahu had “agreed to disagree” on the issue of West Bank settlements.

2013: Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas are committed to continuing peace talks, despite grumblings over a lack of visible progress in almost five months of negotiations, US Secretary of State John Kerry said today

2015: For the second time in two days, today, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired at an IDF vehicle

2016: Today, the Israeli military “posted a map of southern Lebanon to Twitter on which it marked Hezbollah positions, infrastructure and armaments along a section of the Israeli border

1921: The graduation of the nursing class from Hadassah hospital, which had been postponed due to Arab attacks in November, took place. 

1947: Sir Alan Cunningham, the British High Commissioner asked David Ben Gurion to meet with so that he could tell him that the British “had decided to evacuation Palestine as soon as possible.

1948: The Transjordan cabinet gives its consent to crowning of King Abdullah as king of united Palestine and Transjordan

1948: On the third and final day of Operation Assaf, the Egyptians prepared to counter-attack and drive the Israelis back. “However, Israeli Air Force reconnaissance revealed the Egyptian preparations in the morning.

1952: Yigael Yadin resigned today, over disagreements with prime minister and defense minister David Ben-Gurion

1953: To the amazement of the Israeli public, Ben-Gurion resigned as Prime Minister and retired to the small farming community of Sde Boker in the Negev.

1981: Philip C. Habib, President Reagan’s special envoy to the Middle East, is scheduled to meet with Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir in Jerusalem today.

1987: About 10,000 Israelis held a rally today to demand that the Kremlin open the gates for Soviet Jews to emigrate

1992: Hamas murders three Israeli soldiers and proclaims the killings to be acts of heroism

1993: Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli and his son today and wounded three other sons near the West Bank town of Hebron

1994: In a sign of Washington’s mounting frustration with Yasir Arafat and his Palestinian Authority, Secretary of State Warren Christopher said today that Israel cannot be expected to withdraw its army from the West Bank until Palestinian attacks on Israelis come to an end.

2004: An IDF soldier of the Oketz canine unit was killed by a bomb, along with his dog, when a booby-trapped chicken coup exploded northwest of the Karni Crossing.

2005: Two days after the murder of five Israelis at a shopping mall, an IAF helicopter destroyed the car carrying a PRC leader.  The PRC is part of Hamas

2010: A farewell ceremony was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem today for the international firefighting forces that assisted Israel in putting out the recent fire in the Carmel Forest region.

2011: Israel’s Yav Vashem Holocaust memorial said today it has received its largest private donation ever – a $25 million gift from U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

2012: Two IDF soldiers and a border policeman were injured lightly this afternoon when a group of about 40 Palestinian protesters threw stones in their direction in the northern West Bank town of Kafr Qaddum.

2013: The IDF said today that an Israeli military vehicle damaged by a bomb attack set off by Syrians on the Golan Heights was the first “targeted bombing of Israeli forces” since the start of the Syrian civil war.

1900: Herzl met with Arminius Vámbéry in Budapest where discussed the Turkish loan.

1911: Jews in Palestine organized the Red Magen David society with the purpose of sending doctors and nurses to Tripoli.

1925: Today marked the start of the culmination of the Hadassah drive to raise $15,000 “to provide luncheons for the school children in Palestine.

1947: As the Arabs tighten the noose around the Jewish community in Jerusalem, trucks arrived carrying 60,000 eggs

1947: The UN rejects the request by the Jewish Agency to address the Security Council since the organization did not want to set a precedent that allowed an entity other than a country to participate in UN debates.

1948: Jordan annexes “Arabic Palestine.”  The Kingdom of Trans-Jordan (Across the river Jordan) will drop the “Trans” prefix in recognition of its holdings on both sides of the Jordan River.

1948: Britain demands that the Security Council’s Negev subcommittee implement sanctions against Israel because Israel continues to surround an Egyptian force in the Negev. 

1948: King Abdullah denounces Arab League-sponsored Palestine Army regime in Gaza.

1949: Burma recognizes the state of Israel.

1949: In a ground-breaking precedent, the United Nations established UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees with a budget of $54,900,000.

1952: Yitzchak ben Zvi was elected the second President of Israel succeeding Chaim Weitzman, who had died in office.

1972: Mahmoud Hamshari, the PLO representative in France, believed to be the leader of Black September in France was mortally wounded today in Paris

1974: Anti-Zionist trials begin in Moscow today.

1978: Eighty-year old Golda Meir, passed away.

1987: Palestinians in the Israeli-administered territories began an intifada, or uprising.

2005: Delegates to an international conference have accepted a new Red Cross emblem, paving the way for Israel to join the humanitarian movement after nearly six decades of exclusion, officials said today.

2005: Israeli mathematician Robert Auman shared the Nobel Prize in Economics with Thomas Schelling.  Auman was recognized for his research into game theory.

2012: Yesterday, the United Nations on Friday approved an Israel-initiated resolution in which the international body affirmed for the first time that entrepreneurship was a critical development tool.

2012: Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, making his first ever visit to the Gaza Strip, vowed today never to recognize Israel and said his Islamist group would never abandon its claim to all Israeli territory.

2013: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the attack on Greek Orthodox Priest Garbriel Nadaf’s son at today’s cabinet meeting, saying that Israel will not tolerate threats of physical attacks against Christians, Muslims and Druze who “want to link their fate” even more to the State of Israel and want to serve in the IDF,

2014: Arabic media reported today that two alleged Israeli airstrikes the day before had targeted advanced Russian-made air-defense missiles bound for Hezbollah.

1946: Chaim Weizmann calls for a Jewish state in Palestine.

1947: The Security Council tables a debate on partition after Syria reports that Arabs will question legality of such a partition.

1948: Iraq is asked by Britain, U.S., and France to reopen oil pipeline from Iraq to Haifa The promise made that oil refined in Haifa will not be furnished to Israel.

1949: The United States opposes the UN plan to put Jerusalem under permanent UN rule.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Knesset elected Yitzhak Ben-Zvi as the second President of Israel.

1957: The first Japanese ambassador to Israel arrived in the Jewish state.

1961: An Israeli court found Adolf Eichmann found guilty of war crimes.

1969: Thanks to newly supplied Soviet radar, the IAF suffers a “bad day” when Egyptian aircraft shoot down two Mirages and one F-4 Phantom Jet.

1987: The First Intifada began in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

2001: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced he would resign and call a special election.

2001: A suicide bomber exploded a powerful bomb near a bus stop at the Checkpost Junction in Haifa shortly after 7:30 AM.

2005: Sgt. Nir Kahane, 20, the military policeman who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian attacker at the Kalandia checkpoint.

2006: Germany condemned a planned Iranian conference on the Holocaust. The German Foreign Ministry told a top Iranian official that attempts to question the Nazis’ murder of Jews were “shocking and unacceptable.”

2011: Gaza militants launched several rockets toward Israel’s south today, hours after an Israeli air strike in central Gaza killed a Palestinian militant planning a terrorist attack on the Egypt border.

2012: Israel should define its borders, even if this means doing so unilaterally, and separate from the Palestinians, former IDF chief of General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said today.

2013: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority were set today to ink an agreement to build a long-anticipated pipeline from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, part of an initiative that would produce millions of cubic meters of drinking water for the parched region.

2014: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said today that there appeared to be a lull in the recent wave of terror attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem

2016: In Haifa, the a-Sham Arab Food Festival “in which 45 leading chefs from the Arab (Muslim, Christian and Druze) and Jewish sectors have showcased the culinary treasures of the region passed down through generations, but with modern twists” is scheduled to come to an end today.

1947: British leaders will not alter the Jewish quota that limits the Jewish immigrants 1,500 a month.

1947: A detachment of Palmach soldiers was attacked while patrolling the water pipeline near the Arab village of Shu’ut in the Negev.

1948: Speaking in the House of Commons as leader of the Opposition, Winston Churchill raised the question of why the British government continued to refuse to recognize the state of Israel since nineteen other countries including the United States and the Soviet Union had already done so.

1948: Despite opposition from some of his ministers, Ben Gurion pressured the cabinet into committing to move the Israeli government to Jerusalem “without further delay

1948: The Israelis devised Operation Horev, a new offensive plan designed to drive the Egyptian army out of the remaining areas of Mandatory Palestine south-west of Beersheba, along the western edge of the Negev.

1952: Yosef Sprinzak, the first Speaker of the Knesset, completed his service as President of Israel which had begun following the death of Chaim Weizmann

1955: An Israeli police approaching the Sea of Galilee’s northwestern shored was fired on by Syrian guns in the latest of a series of Syrian violations of the truce agreement.

1964: In Israel, the government resigned when Ben-Gurion demanded that members of the Supreme Court Investigate the Lavon Affair.

1966: Israeli Samuel Yosef Agnon and German-Jew Nelly Sachs shared the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1978: In Oslo, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat accepted the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize.

1980: Two people were injured when a terrorist bomb “exploded under a car” in Jerusalem.

1986: Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel accepted the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize.

1994: The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat.

1995: Vice President Al Gore, Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Leah Rabin, addressed a crowd of nearly 15,000 people crowded into Madison Square Garden today to honor the memory of Yitzhak Rabin.

2000: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak submitted his resignation.

2009: The Israel Aerospace Industries made the first delivery of the Heron UAV to the Royal Australian Air Force

2010: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Kadima chairwoman and opposition leader Tzipi Livni at the State Department in Washington today

2010: Hundreds of people attended the funeral of former Knesset speaker and Holocaust-survivor advocate Dov Shilansky at the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv.

2011: Israeli professor Dan Shechtman was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in Stockholm

2012: The Palestinian Authority  today granted Hamas permission to mount a 25th anniversary celebration in the West Bank

2013: “Emergency services across” Israel “were put on high alert as a major storm hit the region which is expected to last through the weekend. 

2013: Israeli-American chemists Arieh Warshel and Michael Levitt were officially awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden, today

2014: The IDF bolstered security measures across the West Bank this evening amid fears that tensions could escalate after a senior Palestinian official died en route to a Ramallah hospital earlier in the day following clashes with Israeli troops.

1899: The crisis between the Neue Freie Presse and Herzl comes to an end. Herzl is paid the highest salary at the “Neue Freie Presse” and is given the exclusive editorship of the entire literary section.

1903: Herzl asks for an interview with the Austrian Foreign Minister Agenor Goluchowsky. He writes to Wenzel von Plehve and repeats his request that the Russian ambassador in Constantinople be directed to give his support to the Zionist demands.

1945: The Palestinian Arab Council (Higher Committee) announces opposition to the Anglo-American inquiry into Palestine. Arab League has offered cooperation.

1946: Dr. Emanuel Neumann, vice president of Zionist Organization of America says Jews of Palestine will have to rely on U.S. and armed strength since they cannot rely on the British.

1947: The British government announces its intention to terminate its responsibility under mandate on May 15, 1948.

1947: In a six hour battle, Haganah troops fought off a major Arab attack on the Old City of Jerusalem, home to 2,500 Jews.

1948: The UN General Assembly established the Palestine Conciliation Commission with primary responsibility for preparing for the international governance of Jerusalem.

1948: King Farouk of Egypt and Syrian foreign minister disclose that they had warned King Abdullah of Transjordan not to annex Palestine.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Post’s Toy Fund started the distribution of Hanukkah toys and sweets at over 100 ma’abarot and new-immigrant centers throughout the country.

1955: Operation Olive Leaves which was designed to put an end to Syrian shelling attacks on Israelis in around the Sea of Galilee began this evening with an artillery barrage

1961: Nazi Adolf Eichmann was found guilty of crimes against humanity as he was tried in Jerusalem,

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that President Jimmy Carter said he would be willing to come to the Middle East to support the current peace initiatives.

1984: “Airlift to Israel Is Reported Taking Thousands of Jews from Ethiopia” published today described the resettlement of Ethiopia Jews in Israel saving them from famine, war and prejudice.

1992: The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany issued a statement detailing the criteria for eligibility of Jewish victims of Nazi persecution for German Government compensation under an agreement concluded in November.

2006: End of a two day conference sponsored by the government of Iran designed to support the Iranian contention that the systematic killing of some 6 million Jews a “myth” and “exaggerated.”

2007: The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution proposed by Israel. The UN passage of an Israeli resolution on agriculture is the first time a nonpolitical Israeli resolution has been adopted by the international body.

2011: One person was injured in southern Lebanon today when a rocket apparently fired towards Israel hit a Lebanese border village, security sources in Lebanon said.

2011: Iran’s ruling clerics could use nuclear weapons to strengthen their grip on power and the world must urgently impose crippling sanctions to prevent them from building such arms, Israel’s defense minister said today.

2012: The IDF has acquired tens of thousands of doses of a drug used to combat nerve agent chemical poisoning and will distribute them to all combat medics in the coming months

2013: According to the Wall Street Journal and Israel’s Channel 2 “former Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer is the top choice to become vice chairman of the US Federal Reserve Bank” which would mean that the two top slots at the Fed would be held by Jews.

2014: “The Palestinian Authority will freeze security cooperation with Israel in the wake of the death of a senior Palestinian official after a clash with Israeli troops, a top aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas said today.”

2017:  Twenty-seven year old Akayed Ullah, a resident of Brooklyn “of Bangladeshi origin” detonated a bomb “in a tunnel connecting the Times Square subway station with the Midtown Manhattan transit hub during this morning’s rush hour” acted because he was upset by actions taken by the IDF in Gaza – action taken in response to terrorists attacks from the Hamas controlled enclave

1920: The Histadrut Ha-ovdim (General Labor Federation) was founded in pre-state Israel.

1946: Two illegal Arab Armies were merged by the Arab High Committee into the Arab Youth Movement.

1947: British foreign minister Ernest Bevin asks the Jews for a moratorium on “illegal immigration” while the mandate is still in power.

1947: UN Trusteeship Subcommittee announces that internationalized Jerusalem will only have a police force which can call on UN Security Council if more order is needed.

1947: The Arab League voted to provide funds, weapons and volunteers for an impending Palestine war designed to thwart the United Nation’s partition vote.

1948: Israel and Transjordan let Christians travel to Bethlehem for Christmas pilgrimages

1949: The U.S. asks Israel and Jordan not to do anything which would disrupt relations with other Arab states or the Vatican.

1951: Yosef Sprinzak, the Speaker of the Knesset became acting President of Israel when Chaim Weizman became so ill he could not fill the position.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Political Committee of the UN General Assembly passed, by 32 votes to 13, with 13 abstentions, a strongly-worded resolution calling for direct Arab-Israeli negotiations

1955: Operation Olive Leaves, under the command of Ariel Sharon came to a successful conclusion with the destruction of all the Syrian gun emplacements attacked by the IDF.

1974: Thirteen people were injured lightly or moderately In Jerusalem whenan explosive device went off in Ben Yehuda Street

1977: One person was killed and 25 were injured during a grenade attack at Beersheba.

1988: Foreign Minister Shimon Peres urged the Palestine Liberation Organization today to direct its diplomacy toward Israel rather than the United States.

1994: Israel and Jordan hashed out their new peace treaty some more today, opening temporary embassies in each other’s country and saying they would exchange ambassadors next month.

1995: Israeli PM Shimon Peres addressed both houses of the US Congress.

2001: Yasser Arafat bowed to long-standing Israeli demands by ordering the closure of the offices of the militant Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

2001: Three terrorists attacked a #189 Dan bus and several passenger cars with a roadside bomb, anti-tank grenades, and light arms fire near the entrance to Emmanuel in Samaria at 6:00 p.m. Ten people, including two teenagers, were killed and 30 others were injured.

2005: The Israeli government voted to increase financial help for needy Holocaust survivors.

2009: Five Hamas men were arrested today, while trying to infiltrate Israel from Egypt, carrying explosives, a gun, a silencer and $15,000 in counterfeit bills.

2011: Israel’s new ambassador to Egypt arrived in Cairo today, Egyptian airport officials told the Associated Press, three months after rioters ransacked the Israeli Embassy in the Egyptian capital.

2012: King Abdullah II of Jordan announced that Jordan would host Israeli-Palestinian meetings in February with the backing of the European Union and the United States, a leading Arab daily reported today.

2012: Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned two “price-tag” vandalism acts carried out overnight in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

2013: Five U.S. families who were victims of the Iran-backed suicide bombing that took place on Ben Yehuda Street in 1997 were awarded $9 million in federal court.

2014: 7 people, including a family of five with young children, were lightly wounded in the West Bank this afternoon when a Palestinian man hurled acid into their car.

2014: Unidentified assailants opened fire on the Israeli embassy in Athens with a Kalashnikov assault rifle

2016: Israel received the first shipment of the advanced F-35

2016: Congress is scheduled to “formally end its session” this afternoon without taking acting on a bill targeting campus anti-Semitism which had been unanimously passed by the Senate. But Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary did not advance through his committee.

1903: At today’s meeting of the United Zionists of Greater New York a resolution was adopted that expressed opposition to trying to establish a Zionist colony in Uganda.  The 250 delegates expressed their dissatisfaction with Israel Zangwill and expressed their support that the Zionist dream could only be fulfilled in Palestine

1947: The Arab League tells U.S. and Britain that partition would be considered a hostile act toward Moslems.

1947: The Zionist Organization of America urges that the U.S. provide ships for Jews going to Palestine and help arm Jewish Agency defense forces

1949: Knesset votes to transfer Israel’s capitol to Jerusalem.

1950: James Grover McDonald, the first U.S. Ambassador to Israel, left his post today.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that ten infiltrators from Jordan crossed the border, wounded the guard of a defense post and stole arms and ammunition.

1961: In Jerusalem, prosecuting attorney Gideon Hausner demands death penalty for Adolf Eichmann

1970: Eighty-three year old Baruch Zuckerman, a long time Zionist leader who was one of the founders of Yad Vashem passed away today in Jerusalem

1988: Yasir Arafat, the P.L.O. chairman, is to be the main speaker today when the U.N. General Assembly holds its first meeting in Geneva.

1992: Islamic militants kidnapped an Israeli soldier today

2005: Israel’s consul general in LA criticized Steven Spielberg’s “Munich,” saying that the new film drew an incorrect picture of the Mossad’s hunt for the PLO terrorists who carried out the 1972 Olympic massacre

2006: Prime Minister Ehud Omert met with Pope Benedict XVI during the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to Europe.

2011: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting with Israeli defense officials today, following an attack by right-wing activists on an IDF base in the West Bank.

2013: US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Prime Minister Benjamin this morning in Jerusalem amid a severe winter storm which has left thousands without power

2014: “The Israeli bridge delegation won the gold medal at the Sportaccord World Mind Games in Beijing today.

2014: “A Palestinian driver slammed his car into a concrete barrier at a hitchhiking post popular with IDF soldiers near a military post in the southern West Bank.”

2015: US, Canadian, and Israeli envoys in Budapest joined a crowd of Jewish organizations today protesting the erection of a statute of Balint Homan “ an interwar period historian and politician, known for his eight volume history of Hungary, the drafting of the anti-Jewish laws adopted in Hungary, and his support of the German invasion of the USSR in 1941.

2017: As Israelis observe the first day of Chanukah rockets are fired from Gaza into Israel.

1921: Members of Gdud HaAvoda, “a socialist Zionist work group” went to work at Tel Yosef to help develop the fledgling Kibbuz.

1936: The Palestine Post reported that despite official assurances further instances of violence and arson were carried out by various Arab armed bands throughout the country. 

1949: In keeping with a resolution adopted by the Knesset, the Israeli government moves from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

1977: Representatives of Egypt and Israel gathered in Cairo for their first formal peace conference.

1981: Israel annexed the Golan Heights which had been captured from Syria in 1967.  The Syrians had shelled Israeli farmers from the Golan Heights for almost twenty years.

1998: President Clinton stood witness as hundreds of Palestinian leaders renounced a call for the destruction of Israel.  Sadly in the subsequent years we have seen this was a hollow political stunt.

2005: Israeli archaeologist Ruth Amiran passed away

2012: Avigdor Liberman announced today he would resign from his position as foreign minister and vice premier in the current government in light of a pending indictment against him for fraud and breach of public trust

2013: Israel faced another freezing night, with fears of icy roads nationwide, but the worst storm in decades was winding down.

2014: The Labor Party voted unanimously in favor of merging with Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua party this evening.

1897: The Federation of American Zionist Societies of New York, (FAZ) was formed today with Richard Gottheil as President and Herman Rosenthal and Physician Joseph I. Bluestone as vice presidents.

1930: Seventy-five year old Meir Dizengoff sought re-election as Mayor of Tel Aviv in contest that pits him against Laborite Joseph Aronwitz.

1947: Nearly 25,000 children, the number brought to Palestine through the Hadassah Youth Aliyah immigration movement since its inception thirteen years ago, will enter Palestine in the coming year, Dr. Vera Weizmann, wife of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, scientist and Zionist leader, said today

1948: Israel breaks off negotiation for local truce agreements and demands future peace talks for all of Palestine.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that Dov Shilansky was sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment for trying to bomb the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Jerusalem in protest against the acceptance of German reparations.

1961: Former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death by an Israeli court.  Eichmann had been convicted of crimes against humanity and would be the only person sentenced to by Israel to date.

1979: Two Palestinians connected to the Munich Olympics Massacre, Ali Salem Ahmed and Ibrahim Abdul Aziz, were killed in Cyprus

1990: Three Israelis were stabbed and killed in an aluminum factory in Jaffa today

1992: Hamas terrorists kidnapped Nissim Toledano, an Israeli Army Sergeant. 

2003: New York-based Bank Leumi USA, a subsidiary of Israel’s Bank Leumi le-Israel, announced it opened an office in Los Angeles as part of its expansion.

2007: In Jerusalem, a screening of a documentary entitled “Sendler’s List” It tells the story Irina Sendler  a compassionate Polish nurse who endangered her life to save 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War.

2011: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice denounced the treatment Israel receives in the United Nations

2011: Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed that Jewish extremists would not be allowed to spark a religious war, after a West Bank mosque was vandalized at dawn today.

2013:A Lebanese army sniper killed an Israeli soldier at the border fence.

2014: Shin Bet reported foiling a suicide bomber’s plot in Tel Aviv based on disguising the suicide bomber as a pregnant woman in need of medical help.

2015: A 39-year-old Palestinian construction worker stabbed a foreman and another worker at a construction site in the Israeli city of Modi’in today, marking the first attack of its kind in the city since the start of the Palestinian wave of terror.

2016: Today, President-elect Donald Trump is nominated David Friedman, to be ambassador to Israel, with a statement saying Friedman will serve from Jerusalem and describing the city as “Israel’s eternal capital.”

1922: Sixty-four year old Eliezer Ben-Yehuda the father of the Modern Hebrew Language succumbed to TB in Jerusalem today. 

1930: An Arab mob attempted to prevent Jewish settlers from plowing land near Herzliya. British police came from Tel Aviv and arrested the Arabs at which point the Jews went back to their farm work.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the extraordinary meeting of the Israeli-Jordanian Mixed Armistice Commission broke down with each side accusing the other of border violations.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the extraordinary meeting of the Israeli-Jordanian Mixed Armistice Commission broke down with each side accusing the other of border violations.

1978: In Jerusalem, 22 people including five Americans were injured by a bombing on a bus.

1981: Defense Minister Ariel Sharon flew to the newly annexed Golan Heights today for a meeting with military commanders amid reports of Syrian troop alerts across the border.

1991: The U.N. General Assembly rescinded its 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism by a 111-25 vote.

1992: The body of IDF Sergeant Nissim Toledano, who had been kidnapped by Hamas, was found today

1992: Israel ordered deportation of 415 leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the West Bank and/or Gaza after escalating terrorist activity.

2005: The US House of Representatives passed a resolution that conditioned future financial aid to the Palestinian Authority on the exclusion of Hamas from the upcoming parliamentary elections next month.

2005: Soer Trondelag became the first province in Norway to bar the purchase of Israeli goods when the provincial board voted to impose a boycott.

2009: Iran test-fired its most advanced ballistic missile, capable of hitting Israel and parts of Europe.

2009: Today approximately 400 El Al passengers had to wait for almost seven hours in a grounded airplane in a U.S. airport due to a fuel leak.

2011: The High Court of Justice ruled today to reject a petition asking to delay the second stage of the prisoner exchange deal brokered with Hamas to release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

2012: Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman formally submitted his resignation from the government to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning, ending a turbulent term as the country’s top diplomat.

2013: IDF Master Sgt. Shlomi Cohen a resident of Afula who was killed “in a cross-border attack” from Lebanon yesterday, was buried in Haifa today.

2013: “An association of American professors with almost 5,000 members has voted to endorse an academic boycott of Israeli colleges and universities

2013: An association of American professors with almost 5,000 members has voted to endorse an academic boycott of Israeli colleges and universities

1887: In Chicago, Charles and Mary Haas, gave birth to Rose Alice Alschuler, the child educator and Zionist who was the wife of Alfred Samuel Alschuler, Sr.

1917: Thirty-six year old Dov Ber Borochov, one of the founding fathers of the Labor Zionist movement, passed away.

1931: The meeting of the World Islamic conference came to an end in Jerusalem.  The conference agreed to deny Jews access to the al-Aqsa Mosque as a first step to undermining efforts of the Zionists to live peacefully side by side with their Arab neighbors.

1947: In the face of mounting violence and fearing that worse was to come, the Jewish leaders of Jerusalem opened a blood bank with goal of producing 1000 doses of plasma.

1947: The U.S. State Department expressed its fears that the Soviet Union is supplying arms to both sides of the Palestine conflict.

1947: The Arab League Council announced it will stop the proposed partition of Palestine by force and begins raids on the Jewish communities in Palestine.

1947: Moshe Shertok, Jewish Agency political head, charges that British are obstructing partition and that British administration does not protect Jews from Arab attacks, yet they prevent Jews from defending themselves.

1947: Pinchas Ben-Porat, a pilot with Sherut Avir, the air arm of Haganah, boarded his single engine RWD-13 and flew a medical doctor to the small town of Beit Eshel.

1948: Four thousand, one hundred Jews set sail from Yugoslavia for Israel.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the new Mapai-General Zionists coalition won 73 seats in the Knesset.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that officers and men of the Jerusalem Area Police Force contributed IL 136 to the Post’s Hanukkah Toy Fund.

1969: A planned attack by two British national on an El Al plane in London was foiled today.

1973: At the Rome airport Arab terrorist hijacked a Lufthansa jet and flew to Kuwait 12 live and one dead hostages were released and the Kuwaitis released the terrorist to the PLO after refusing to extradite them to Italy.

1984: Three people were injured when terrorists hurled grenades at a Tel Aviv bus stop.

1992: As violence from Palestinian terrorist escalated 415 terrorist leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad were flown to Israel’s northern border and deported to Lebanon. 

1995: Vatican Reaffirms Its Policy on Jerusalem published today takes issued with Leah Rabin’s description of the Pope’s comments about the Israeli capital city.

2007: The Jerusalem Post reported that for the first time since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, a chief rabbinical chaplain is servicing the spiritual and religious needs of Jewish soldiers in Russia’s armed forces and various security services

2008: A rocket fired from Gaza hits the car of Pinchas Cohen’s vehicle this evening narrowly missed his wife and son.

2009: The third annual Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism comes to a close today in Jerusalem.

2012: The state informed the High Court of Justice today that it will evacuate the two Jewish families living in four rooms in Hebron’s Beit Ezra building.

2013: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is due to arrive in Israel tonight for a high-profile visit.

2014: Canada and Australia announced that they would not attend a Geneva Convention conference hosted by Switzerland on the situation in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem today.

1946: Sir William Fitzgerald, chief justice of Palestine, says Jerusalem will be divided into Jewish and Arab boroughs.

1946: An Arab landowner is assassinated because he sold land to Jews.

1947: Arab guerrilla forces that have been recruited in Damascus and Beirut gathered in the Syrian capital as they prepare to invade Palestine.

1948: During the “Operation Velvetta,” which was part of the clandestine movement to provide the new Jewish state with modern aircraft, a flight of Spitfires left Czechoslovakia for Israel but was forced to turn back because of “poor weather conditions

1948: UN mediator Ralph Bunche announces that a definitive solution to the Palestine conflict is well on its way.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported from Sofia that the new Israeli Chargé d’Affaires, Gershon Avner, who presented his credentials, was assured that Bulgaria would not restrict Jewish emigration to Israel.

1953: Israel’s first paper mills were dedicated today at Hadera

1953: Two Unit 101 squads led by Meir Har-Zion began an attack along the road running from Bethlehem to Hebron

1956: The IDF hoisted the Israeli flag on the purported site of Mount Sinai. 

1977: The Post described in great detail the emotional moments for Israelis who spent their first Shabbat in Cairo.

1987: Israeli troops kept a tight lid on the occupied Gaza Strip today, but scattered demonstrations broke out in Palestinian refugee districts and towns in the West Bank and the Arab sector of East Jerusalem.

1988: Israel’s political leaders continued to struggle today in their nearly seven-week effort to form a new government

1989: Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin said today that his ministry authorized and paid for meetings between relatives of Israeli soldiers captured during the invasion of Lebanon and representatives of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

1990: The former New York City Mayor, Edward I. Koch, was hit in the head and slightly hurt today when a stone was thrown at him as he strolled through the Arab Quarter of the Old City.

2005: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to hospital in Jerusalem after suffering a minor stroke and briefly losing consciousness. His doctors later said that the prime minister was in a stable condition and was undergoing tests.

2008: Hamas officially declared this evening that it would not extend the six-month-old truce between Gaza factions and Israel. 11 Kassam rockets and five mortar shells had hit southern Israel by mid-afternoon.

2010: On Saturday, two women were stabbed in a forest near Beit Shemesh. Kay Wilson, an olah from Great Britain, and her American friend Kristine Luken were hiking in the wooded hills west of Jerusalem.

2011: An Egyptian pipeline carrying gas to Israel and Jordan was bombed today, the 10th such attack this year, but no fire erupted because the line that runs through North Sinai was already disabled, a security source said.

2012: Thousands of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls went online today with the launch of a new website by Google and the Israel Antiquities Authori

2013: A 22-year-old man was killed and six more were injured when the IDF exchanged fire with Palestinians during an operation in of Jenin tonight.

2014: Of the four Hamas terrorists who reportedly were taking part in a military exercise near the Egyptian Border one was killed and three were injured following an explosion near Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

2014: Of the four Hamas terrorists who reportedly were taking part in a military exercise near the Egyptian Border one was killed and three were injured following an explosion near Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

2016: The Ethiopian Jewish Community’s seventh annual Sigd celebration is scheduled to come to an end today.

1902: “Lively Zionist Meeting” published today described a speech given by Jacob De Haas Secretary of the Federation of American Zionists which was supposed to be part of a debate between him and Rabbi Silverman, who was an opponent of Zionist.  The debate did not take place because Silverman failed to show up

1903: Herzl publishes an account of the Kharkov conference in “Die Welt”, together with a declaration calling upon those who had voted for the ultimatum to surrender their mandates. In a subsequent issue a digest of the minutes of the Conference appears.

1905: Jewish World Congress today described the decision by the central organization of the Zionists to hold a special congress” to deal with the violence being aimed at the Jews of Russia.

1946: William B. Ziff declares that negotiation by Jewish Agency would be opposed by Palestinian underground groups.

1947: In an attempt to deal with the looming threat to its water supply, Jerusalem householders respond to a request by communal leaders to open and clean their cisterns “in preparation for water storage.”

1952: David Ben-Gurion’s government resigned due to a dispute with the religious parties over religious education.

1969: During the War of Attrition, Israeli aircraft bombed “a group of Egyptian military bases about 30 kilometers from the Suez Canal.

1977: The Jerusalem Post published details of Menachem Begin’s peace plan which outlined a mutual Arab-Jewish right of settlement in Judea and Samaria and a united Jerusalem. 

1992: A Hamas terrorist kidnapped and murdered a policeman in Jerusalem.

2005: Having pulled out of Gaza, the Israeli government announced further measures to improve relations with the Palestinians. The IDF announced that Israel will ease access to Bethlehem during the upcoming Christmas celebrations 

2008:  A rare half shekel coin, first minted in 66 or 67 AD., was discovered by 14 year-old Omri Ya’ari as volunteers sifted through mounds of dirt from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. 

2011: Israel has offered to export natural gas to India, according to a report in today’s edition of the Indian daily Economic Times

2012: Leading figures from across the political spectrum closed ranks today in paying tribute to Israel’s 15th chief of staff, Lt.-Gen. (res.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, who died at age 68 at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem after a prolonged battle with leukemia.

2013: In the central region, KKL-JNF foresters are scheduled to distribute Christmas trees in the

2013: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the world to deny Iran the ability to produce nuclear weapons today, while meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang.

2014: For the third time since the end of Operation Protective Edge Palestinians in Gaza fired a Qasam rocket at the Eshkol region in Israel.

2015: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv’s Menora Mitvachim marking his first professional appearance in Israel.

2016: Today’s issue of TIME has a cover picture of Person of the Year taken by Israeli photographer Nadav Kander.

1906: Dr. Solomon Schechter, President of the Jewish Theological Seminary presided over a mass meeting in Cooper Union which was sponsored by the Zionist Council of Greater New York.

1928: Tel Aviv Mayor, David Bloch, is scheduled to arrive in New York today aboard the SS Leviathan.  Mayor Bloch is coming to the United States to seek financial support for the development of Zionist programs in Palestine.

1945: In an article entitled “Baghdad Worried by Zionist Issue and the Russian’s Activity,” Clifton Daniel reports that “Iraq is probably the fountainhead of the pan-Arab movement and hotly anti-Zionist

1948:  Canada recognized the state of Israel.

1948: As Israel began to grow its air force, Jack Cohen led six Spitfires from Kunovice today

1948: King Abdullah of Palestine appoints Sheikh Hussan Ad-In Jarallah as mufti of Jerusalem. Haj Amin el Husseini is recognized as mufti of Jerusalem by other Arab states.

1949: The UN Trusteeship Council asks Israel to call off transfer of its government to Jerusalem.

1963: Birthdate of Tal Friedman, the native of Kiryat Ata who served in the Israeli Sea Corps and went on to become a popular comedian, actor and a musician.

1964: Prime Minister Levi Eshkol formed his cabinet and became head of the Israeli government.

1974: Thirteen people were injured in Jerusalem when terrorists exploded a bomb on a crowded street.

1976: Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin resigned.  Rabin was forced to resign over a financial indiscretion that took place while he had been Ambassador in Washington.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported from Cairo that Egypt and Israel agreed to incorporate all principles of UN Resolution 242 on their agenda.

1987: Today, Egypt summoned the Israeli Ambassador, Moshe Sasson, to the Foreign Ministry to express concern over what it called ‘the brutal, oppressive measures taken by Israel against the Palestinian people.

1995: The trial of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s confessed assassin opened today only to be postponed for a month.

2002: An Israeli rabbi was shot and killed on the Kissufim corridor road in the Gaza Strip while driving with his wife and six children to attend a pre-wedding Sabbath celebration in Afula.

2007: Palestinian terrorists fired three rockets toward Southern Israel, one hitting about forty yards from a school in downtown Sderot 12 students are treated for shock.

2007: In the evening five Palestinian terrorist were killed and Israeli soldier was badly wounded in fighting in Gaza about a mile from the border with Israel as forces of the IDF sought to put an end to the continuous missle attacks on southern Israel

2010: An IDF soldier reported that three individuals attempted to stab him near a gas station in Givat Ze’ev in Jerusalem.

2011: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak condemned violence by right-wing extremists today, vowing to use all means to eradicate the phenomenon.

2012: Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor today called on Europe to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

2013: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is scheduled to tour Jerusalem’s Old City and visit the Western Wall before leaving Israel for Algeria

2015: Israel Defense Forces artillery units shelled targets in South Lebanon this evening, shortly after at least three rockets were fired from across the border into Israeli territory.

2016: A bronze penny minted by the Greek tyrant from the Hanukkah story was recently stumbled upon by archaeologists amid the ruins of Jerusalem’s Tower of David.

1935: The 75th birthday of the pioneering Zionist Henrietta Szold was celebrated with a radio address broadcast across the United States.

1938: As British, Zionist and Arab leaders prepared to meet at a conference in London designed to bring the 2 year long Arab uprising end

1945: The United States and Great Britain announced that the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine will open hearings January 7, 1946.

1946: Arabs in Palestine refuse to pay taxes if money is used for Jewish immigration.

1947: Arabs plan to win full control of Palestine and set up an all-Arab state

1952: Eliyahu Hacarmeli an early Zionist leader, who served in the first Knesset, passed away.

1957: A terrorist attack to place in a field near Kibbutz Gadot.

1959: Shimon Peres, a member of Mapai, began serving as Deputy Defense Minister.

1969: Former Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin, who was serving was ambassador to the United States, was summoned from Washington to Jerusalem to give his views on an American response to a change in Israeli policy that would include in-depth bombings of Egyptian positions beyond the Nile in response to Nasser’s policy of bombarding Israeli positions. 

1973: Representatives of Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, US and USSR met in Geneva.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported from Cairo that the Israeli and Egyptian peace negotiating teams were near an agreement on Israel’s continued presence along the Jordan River.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that 3,700 government employees in the Tel Aviv area would be transferred to Jerusalem

1988: Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s agreement on a new coalition government with the Labor Party barely survived a challenge early today from hard-line members of his own Likud party led by Ariel Sharon.

1995: Israel barred entry today to seven American Jews, including a New York rabbi whom the Government considers to be a security risk in light of the assassination last month of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

1995: The city of Bethlehem passed from Israeli to Palestinian control as part of the peace process begun at Oslo. 

2000: Four Israeli soldiers were injured when a Palestinian rammed a truck into a West Bank checkpoint.

2007: President Shimon Peres apologized for the Kafr Kasim massacre of 1956, in which Border Police officers killed 48 of the village’s residents.

2008: A British tourist working in an archaeological dig in Jerusalem today unearthed a treasure of 264 gold coins from 1,300 years ago.

2009: Today archaeologists unveiled what may have been the home of one of Jesus’ childhood neighbors

2010: A Qassam rocket struck the Ashkelon beach early today exploding in an open field near a kindergarten and lightly wounded a teenage girl in a nearby building.

2011: The US Senate approved $211 million for Iron Dome in new $633 billion defense bill

2013: Today the Arab League rejected the US proposal, by which IDF soldiers would remain in the Jordan Valley for a 10 year period as part of peace agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

2014: The Syrian army said today that it shot down an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle over Quneitra, media in Syria and Lebanon reported.

2015: Israeli and U.S. officials declared a new medium-range missile interceptor fully operational today, ending years of development and testing for the key component of Israel’s defense array.

1867: The lower house of the Parliament adopted a bill favoring the emancipation of the Jews today.

1878: Naphtali Herz Imber, (1856-1909) a Hebrew poet, wrote the words for Hatikvah. The poem eventually became the national anthem of the State of Israel.

1880: Mary Anne Evans, who was better known by her pen-name George Eliot, passed away. “Daniel Deronda” was her last novel. Published in 1876, it presented a presented a positive view of Jews and was sympathetic to the cause that would later be labeled as Zionism.

1948: Mordechai Hod was among a group of IAF pilots who flew several Spitfires and Messerschmitts from Czechoslovakia to Israel.

1948: Syria banned Life and Newsweek because of “their increased Zionist propaganda”

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the UN General Assembly failed to give the needed two-thirds majority to its Political Committee¹s resolution, which required that the Arab states enter into immediate and direct peace negotiations with Israel, and without any preconditions

1974: An American child was injured today in Jerusalem during a terrorist grenade attack on a bus.

1990: While taping an interview with a crew from Tele 5, the Spanish television station, President Hussein says Tel Aviv would be Iraq’s first target whether or not Israel joins the war effort against Iraq.

1993: Israeli and Palestinian negotiators worked in secret today on a plan for control of border checkpoints between Israel and parts of the territories where Palestinians are soon to have autonomy. 

2008: Gaza gunmen fired at IDF soldiers patrolling the security fence near the Sufa crossing late this afternoon

2010: Tensions were rising today between Fatah and Hamas, the two main Palestinian political factions, over a leaked American diplomatic cable and ongoing accusations by each side regarding the other’s arrests, plans and statements.

2011: Today, Defense Minister Ehud Barak criticized statements made by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, which said the “bickering” of European Union members of the UN Security Council over Israeli settlement was making them “irrelevant.”

2012: World’s second-oldest Bible fragment was posted online today. Thousands of pages from fragile religious manuscripts including a 2,000 year old copy of portions of the 10 Commandments and the Shema by Cambridge University

2013: Police are investigating an attempt by three Palestinian Authority Arabs to stab officers, this evening at a police roadblock at the Mishor Adumim Junction

1905: Today marked the final period of “strict mourning” that had been proclaimed by the Odessa Zionist Central Committee following “the four nights of slaughter” in Odessa during which “no help arrived from non-Jews.”

1907: Birthdate of Avraham Stern, the leader of Lehi

1920: As British support for the Balfour Declaration waned, the 17th Earl of Derby, a prominent Conservative politician wrote Winston Churchill expressing his opposition to the Palestine Mandate in general and the Zionist cause in particular.  

1948: Efforts of UN Truce Committee to arrange Israel-Egypt armistice conference break down.

1948: Israel attacks Egyptian troops near Gaza, Nirim, Rafah, and Khan Yunis.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that David Ben-Gurion introduced a new Mapai-General Zionists-Progressive government coalition to the Knesset. 

1969: Paratroopers airlifted an entire Soviet radar station out of Egypt and transported it back to Israel

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that in Cairo Egyptian officials described the Israeli security proposals, presented by Defense Minister Ezer Weizmann, as “extremely disappointing.” The Egyptian view was that only very minor changes of the pre-1967 borders could ever be considered.

1993: Anatoly Kolisnikov, an Ashdod resident employed as a relief watchman at a construction site there, was stabbed to death by terrorists while on duty.

1995: Prime Minister Shimon Peres said today that Israel would be prepared to close its nuclear program if there was a regional peace in the Middle East though he stopped short of confirming that Israel possesses nuclear weapons.

2006: The Jerusalem Post reported on the preparation for Christmas Eve pilgrims coming to Bethlehem. Israel plans to ease security restrictions to make it easier for the expected 20,000 pilgrims to enter the city.

2010: A memorial service was held today for Kristine Luken, the American stabbed to death by a terrorist, at Christ Church in Jerusalem.

2011: President Obama signed a bill today to expand U.S. military assistance to Israel. The bill would have the U.S. provide additional support to the annual $3 billion for ten years that the U.S. is already committed to under the Memorandum of Understanding.

2012: Terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel this evening, the first one since the end of Operation Pillar of Defense in November.

2013: A Qasam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip at the Hof Ashkelon area landed near a bus stop used by schoolchildren.

2013: An Arab terrorist stabbed an Israeli police officer this afternoon at the Adaam checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

2016: “The U.N. Security Council today passed a resolution demanding that Israel cease Jewish settlement activity on Palestinian territory in a unanimous vote that passed when the United States abstained rather than using its veto as it has reliably done in the past.

1905: A meeting was held tonight in the Education Hall under the auspices of the Zionist Council of Greater New York to define the attitude of Zionists toward the Jewish question and the recent massacres in Russia.

1917: During a discussion of juvenile education as a factor in the success of the Zionist movement at today’s meeting of the Young Judea National Leaders Association at the Central Jewish Institute Samuel Rodman Leaders of Baltimore said that “the present Jewish education in America is worthless.”

1940: In advising the Mandate Government as to how to deal with Jewish immigration to Palestine after the Patria incident Churchill sent a memo urging the government to consider their promises to the Zionists and to be guided by general considerations of humanity towards those fleeing from the cruelest forms of persecution.

1946: The World Zionist Congress ended with the Zionists calling for an end of terrorism. 

1947: Heavy sniping amounting almost to guerrilla warfare killed four Arabs and two Jews and wounded at least twenty-six other persons in Haifa during the last twenty-four hours.

1948: The Canadian Minister for External Affairs, Lester Pearson, informed Israel’s Foreign Minister, Moshe Sharett that “the state of Israel, in the opinion of the Canadian governments has given satisfactory proof  that it complies with the essential conditions of statehood”.

1948: Egyptian planes attack Nazareth, Haifa and Tel Aviv.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the new Mapai-General Zionists-Progressive government coalition won a 63-to-24 vote of confidence.

1969: On Christmas Eve, five small boats showing almost no lights slipped out of Cherbourg harbor into the teeth of a Force 9 gale which kept even large freighters from venturing out. Built for the Israel Navy, the vessels had been embargoed at the beginning of the year by French president Charles de Gaulle

1970: The New York Times reports that Jews and Arabs are living harmoniously on the plain near Meggido

1982: Bombs in Australia Hit Jewish and Israeli Sites published today described attacks on the Israeli Consulate and a Jewish social club in Sydney.

1984: Yitzhak Peretz replaced Shimon Peres as Internal Affairs of Minister.

2004: The Jerusalem Post reported a major archeological discovery. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that an elaborately paved assembly area and water channel that carried rainwater to the pool of Shiloah (Siloam) during the Second Temple period were uncovered by archeologists digging in Jerusalem’s ancient City of David

2009: An Israeli father of seven was shot dead in a drive-by terror attack near the northern Samaria community of Shavei Shomron today. 

2010: A Qassam rocket fired from Gaza exploded in an open field near Ashkelon. No injuries or damage was reported.

2012: Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel’s civilian population have no lawful justification and are a war crime, Human Rights Watch said in a scathing report published today

2013: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister Transportation Yisrael Katz dedicated the first train station to be armored against missile attacks in Israel in the southern city of Sderot. 

1898: Herzl publishes his article “Französische Zustände” – “French States of Affairs” about the Dreyfus Affair.

1905: It was reported today that Professor Israel Friedlander said that the Russian Massacres were another argument in favor Zionism and cited the need for a Jewish Palestine as last refuge for the Jews in a time of persecution especially now 

1940:  The British government; suspended the quota for legal immigration to Palestine for three months.

1949: Israel and Jordan ease armistice restrictions so pilgrims can attend Christmas services in Bethlehem.

1952: The French press was highly critical of Lebanon, which had turned down the Israeli offer to enter the Lebanese territorial waters in order to save the French liner S.S. Champollion, which sank in a heavy storm, having split on reefs off Sidon on the Lebanese coast. All but 26 of the 328 passengers and crew lost their lives, mostly while trying to swim the 200 meters separating them from the shore. According to the French press all passengers, crew and the ship could have been saved, had Lebanon accepted the prompt Israeli assistance offer.

1969: The French discover that the berths that had been holding five embargoed Israeli missile boats are empty. 

1985: A small bomb concealed in a loaf of bread was found at a bus stop near Tel Aviv University today, the police said. A passer-by discovered the suspicious-looking loaf and informed explosives experts, a police spokesman said. The device was safely dismantled

1988: In an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper published, Egyptian President Mubarak was quoted as saying he would go to Israel if the visit would help achieve peace. Prime Minister Shamir has said he would welcome a visit by Mr. Mubarak.

1993: Eleven people were injured when a bomb went off in an Israeli ship at Eilat.

1994: A Palestinian suicide bomber carrying a pack of explosives blew himself up here near a bus full of Israeli soldiers today, wounding 13 people and killing himself.

2003: Adva Tzippora Fisher, 19, of Kfar Saba; Cpl. Rotem Weinberger, 19, of Kfar Saba; Staff Sergeant Noam Leibowitz, 22, of Elkana and Cpl. Angelina Shcherov, 19, of Kfar Saba were murdered today and 16 others were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a bus stop.

2007: A group of 40 new immigrants from Iran touched down at Ben-Gurion International Airport , the largest since the fall of the Shah and Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979.

2012: Sources close to both Hatnua chairwoman Tzipi Livni and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that the two parties are investigating the possibility of working together in the next government.

2013: Today, the IDF deployed an Iron Dome missile interception battery to the area near the southern town of Sderot, amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Palestinians following a string of attacks against Israeli civilians, police officers and soldiers

2013: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said today that the “terror attacks in Judea and Samaria are the result of incitement instigated by the Palestinian Authority.

2014: Eleven year old Ayala Shapira was seriously injured in a firebomb attack this evening while riding with her father Avner.

1901: The Fifth Zionist Congress convenes in Basel. The Jewish National Fund is established. The Jewish Colonial Trust, the monetary arm or bank of the World Zionist Organization.

1920: The Intercollegiate Zionist Association is scheduled to hold its annual convention today at Columbia University.

1947: One Jew was killed and two were wounded today when Arabs attacked a Jewish patrol at Imara in the Negev.

1947: In Jerusalem, an Arab Legion truck that had illegally entered the city, was fired on by the Hagana.

1948: Israel greeted the arrival of its 100,000th immigrant since its declaration of statehood in May.

1948: A six plane formation of Spitfires arrived in Israel from Czechoslovakia.

1948: In the evening, the Chanukah light is kindled for the first time in almost 2,000 years in an independent Jewish state.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Mapai Council voted, by 232 to 49, to support a very carefully worded “protest” against the Czech anti-Zionist trials.

1953: Monnett B. Davis passed away while serving as the second U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

1968: Fifty-year old Leon Shirdan, a marine biologist from Haifa was murdered today when two Palestinian terrorists attacked  El Al Flight 253 when it stopped in Athens on its way to New York.

1969: Operation Rooster 53 was launched at 9 p.m. as A-4 Skyhawks and F-4 Phantoms began attacking Egyptian forces along the western bank of the Suez Canal and Red Sea which provided cover for three Aérospatiale Super Frelons, carrying Israeli paratroopers, made their way west towards their the communication network which was their ultimate target.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported from Ismailia that Prime Minister Menachem Begin, after a meeting with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, saw “peace in a few months.”

1985: It was reported today that “Moscow may restore diplomatic ties with Israel and dramatically increase the number of Jews permitted to immigrate to Israel.

1985: One person was injured in terrorist bombing that took placed out of a restaurant in Tel Aviv.

1988: Benjamin Netanyahu began serving as Deputy Foreign Minister

2006: Two boys, both 14, were injured about 9 p.m. when a Qassam rocket landed in the street near where they were walking.

2008: The final decision to launch Operation Cast Lead was made on this morning, when Barak met with Chief of Staff General Gabi Ashkenazi, the head of the Shin Bet Security Service Yuval Diskin and the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, Amos Yadlin

2012: Senior officials confirmed today that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a secret meeting in Jordan with King Abdullah.

2013: A Kassam rocket was fired from Gaza this evening, the second in as many days. The rocket fell in open ground right near a community in the south, causing no injuries or damage.

1917: The Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs announced today that “the Turkish army that surrendered Jerusalem to General Allenby executed thirty Jewish men and women of that city.

1937: The Haganah decides to establish Field Companies under the command of Itzhak Sadeh.

1945: 1,500 people were taken into custody tonight after unidentified people blew up the British police station in the center of Jerusalem.

1947: A convoy with future Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir as one of its passengers came under attack.  Seven Jews were killed by the Arab attackers.

1948: Israel bombs Arab forces in Gaza.

1948: Fighting between Israeli and Egyptians in Fallujah.

1948: During Operation Horev, an Israeli armored brigade attack al-Auja. The successful attack led to the surrender of Egyptian forces in the area.

1969: One American was “killed in a shooting attack on a bus near Hebron.

1970: The Golani Brigade took part in a retaliatory strike came against a major guerrilla base.

1976: Malcom Toon left his post as U.S Ambassador to Israel.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported from Ismailia that the Begin-Sadat summit meeting made definite progress, despite the apparent Egyptian disappointment over the lack of an anticipated joint declaration of principles

1985: Abu Nidal, the Palestinian terrorist organization, kill eighteen people during attacks inside the airports in Rome and Vienna.

1987: Three Palestinian guerrillas infiltrated a short distance into Israel from Jordan Friday night and were captured alive by Israeli troops after a shootout.

1991: Seventy-two year old Eitan Livini, a member of the Irgun, member of the Knesset and father of Tzipi Livini passed away today.

2002: Terrorists broke into a dining hall at a yeshiva in Otneil, south of Hebron, and killed 4 students who were working in the yeshiva kitchen, and injured ten others. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

2006: Heavy snow fell on Jerusalem forcing the Egged bus company to shut down its routes citing dangerous road conditions.

2008: Just days after the cabinet gave the military final approval to counter ongoing Palestinian rocket fire against communities in the western Negev; the IDF launched a massive operation, striking Hamas installations throughout the Gaza Strip today.

2011: Today, President Shimon Peres called on Israelis to attend a demonstration against religious fanaticism

2014: A Palestinian baby collapsed while crossing the border between the West Bank and Jordan, prompting the IDF to send a helicopter to evacuate the child to a Jerusalem hospital, effectively saving his life.

1899: Herzl meets with Oscar Straus, the American ambassador to Constantinople

1901: At the Fifth Zionist Congress in Basil, Max Nordau delivers a speech in which he called upon the Jewish people to “build a social structure of their own and to learn to know themselves sufficiently to think out their own future.”

1947: Moshe Sneh resigned as Jewish Agency executive. He criticized the Agency for emphasis on a friendship with the West and says they should pay more attention to Soviet Union

1947: Moshe Sneh resigned as Jewish Agency executive. He criticized the Agency for emphasis on a friendship with the West and says they should pay more attention to Soviet Union

1948: Syd Cohen dined on breakfast of boiled eggs and black coffee before he took off in his Spitfire Merlin on his first mission for the Israeli Air Force.

1948: Dressed casually, without any badge of rank Gordon Levett  the Second World War, RAF veteran who flew covert missions bringing dis-mantled planes to Israel and who was the first English Gentile to fly with Israel’s first squadron took off today on his first mission with the IAF.

1959: Shlomo Yisrael Ben-Meir began serving as Deputy Internal Affairs Minister.

1968: Israeli forces conducted a commando raid aimed at Beirut Airport as part of its war against Palestinian terrorists.

1972: Four Black September members took over the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, holding 12 hostages. They raised the PLO flag over the building, and threatened to kill the hostages unless 36 PLO prisoners were released.

1977: In Tel Aviv, a terrorist bombing killed two and injured two.

1985: Sulayman Khatir who had machine-gunned to death seven Israelis at Ras Burqa, a beach resort area in the Sinai peninsula was tried by a closed Egyptian military tribunal today after which he was “sentenced to life in prison at hard labor.

2004: Tzvi Tzur, the 6th Chief of Staff of the IDF passed away.

2007: Two Israelis were killed and a third was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the south Hebron Hills. 

2008: Gaza terrorists continued firing rockets at the western Negev this afternoon, although the pace of the attacks had slowed by 4:00 p.m. Three people, including a 12-year-old boy, suffered shrapnel wounds and several others suffered traumatic shock

2009: It was announced today that for the first time in 10 years the number of immigrants to Israel has risen this year

2010: A natural gas field discovered in Israel’s territorial waters contains an estimated 16 trillion cubic feet of the natural resource. Electrical log tests confirmed the size of the natural gas field, which was discovered in drilling earlier this year off the Mediterranean coast near Haifa

2013: Dozens gathered today in front of the Jerusalem residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to protest against the release of Palestinian prisoners. 

2016: In his address today, Secretary of State John Kerry defended America’s decision not to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334

1898: Richard J. H. Gottheil, a professor of languages at Columbia University and a leader in the early American Zionist movement gathered together a group of Jewish students from several New York City universities to form a Zionist youth society. The society was called Z.B.T. which most people know as Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

1901: The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was founded.

1946: In Palestine, Major Paddy Brett and three non-commissioned officers serving in the British Army were flogged by attackers alleged to have been members of the Irgun.

1947: Five Jewish doctors driving back to Jerusalem from Hadassah Hospital came under attack from Arab gunman.

1947: Two ships with 7,000 immigrants are boarded by British forces before they can reach the coast of Palestine. The Jewish Agency wants to avoid confrontation with the British, knowing that immigration will open on 1 February 1948. Ben Gurion gives orders that there has to be no resistance.

1948: Israeli troops pushed deep into the Sinai and established a base at Abu Ageila, 20 miles west of the border between Egypt and Israel.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel protested to the West on its intensified supply of arms to the Arab states. Britain offered to sell jet planes to Israel, and in an equal number to each separate Arab state. This would give the combined Arab forces great superiority.

1955: In a speech to the Supreme Soviet, Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev condemns Israel as a tool of imperialist states used to threaten its Arab neighbors.

1956: Birthdate of Yehudit Ravitz, the native of Beersheba who “is one of the most successful and famous Israeli rock musicians, with a career spanning over thirty years.”

1968: Israeli commandos destroyed 13 Lebanese airplanes.

1973: While Prime Minister Golda Meir was not averse to some form of territorial compromise to gain peace with the Arabs, she said today that Israel would not descend from the Golan, will not partition Jerusalem

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Knesset endorsed the peace plan, as drafted by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and presented to the US and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, by 64 to eight votes with 40 abstentions

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that the Knesset endorsed the peace plan, as drafted by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and presented to the US and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, by 64 to eight votes with 40 abstentions

1988: William Andreas Brown, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel, presented his credentials today.

2008: 3 people in separate rocket attacks in Southern Israel.

2009: Israel’s Supreme Court ruled today that a major access highway to Jerusalem running through the West Bank could no longer be closed to most Palestinian traffic

2012: It was reported today that Ron Dermer, an adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to replace Michael Oren as Israel’s ambassador to the United States.

2013: At least five Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel.

1894: Herzl published a long and detailed article in the Neue Freie Presse summing up the major events of the preceding year in France. The Dreyfus trial is not mentioned in the summary.

1902: Herzl considers the possibility of using the waters of the Nile as a means of irrigating the wilderness lands of the Sinai Peninsula.

1912: In a two-column letter to The Times, Dr. Max Nordau, President of the Tenth Zionist Congress “points out the opportunity presented by the impending partition of the Turkish Empire for the earnest consideration by European diplomacy of the Zionist scheme for the resettlement of the Jews in Palestine

1918: It was reported today that James Haines, the Chairman of the Zionist Society of Engineers, has announced “that in the near future the Society will send several engineers to Palestine to make a survey of the natural resources of the country.”

1947: A bus carrying hospital workers to Mount Scopus came under attack at the same place where Jewish doctors had been attacked the day before.  Fourteen of the Hadassah Hospital workers were wounded.

1947: Arab gun men attacked a group of Jews as they began to bury ten of their murdered co-religionists at the Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

1948: Israeli armor and infantry captured the airfield south of El Arish and moved to capture the town itself.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported that the US offered “no comment” on Israel’s serious warning on Western arms sales to the Arab states.

1968: Trygve Lie passed away.  Born in Norway in 1896, Trygve Lie was the first United Nations Secretary General.  In that position he headed the U.N. at the time of creation of state of Israel.  His support was critical in the birth of the Jewish state and the successful conclusion of the War for Independence.

1977: A frustrated Moshe Dayan told Israeli television that if Sadat insisted on an Israeli agreement to “return” all Arab lands and recognize Palestinian sovereignty as pre-conditions to peace negotiations than the peace process is finished

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that two persons were killed and another two injured by a bomb explosion in Rehov Shoham in Netanya.

1987: Two people were injured by a letter bomb in Or Yehuda.

1987: Terrorists were thwarted today in Israel when 10 letter bombs were discovered and disarmed without injury.

1993: Israel’s Foreign Minister said today that Israel and the P.L.O. had concluded their latest round of talks with a “meeting of the minds,” but there was no breakthrough and significant differences remained.

1996: Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel.

2008: Two Israelis are killed Monday evening as terrorists in Gaza barged Southern Israel with rockets and mortar shells.

2009: Israel’s population stands at 7.5 million, according to figures released today by the Central Bureau of Statistics

2010: This evening, a group of Arab men attacked a soldier at the entrance to Kiryat Arba.

2011: The Israel Air Force struck a group of terrorists attempting to fire rockets into Israel this morning.

2013: Hours before Israel was set to free another 26 Palestinians convicted of terrorism, the High Court of Justice refused the bereaved families’ appeal against the release scheduled for midnight.

1901: The Fifth Zionist Congress ends its meeting at Basil, Switzerland.

1917: The 21st Annual Convention of the Federated Zionist Societies of the Middle West which was organized in 1898 opened today in Chicago.

1947: Following an Arab attack on the refinery at Haifa where they killed 47 Jews, members of the Palmach launched an attack on Balad al-Sheikh, Haifa.

1948: In response to a British ultimatum, Ben-Gurion dispatched the order for Israeli forces to evacuate the Sinai and return to the Negev.

1948: U.S. President Harry Truman cabled Ben-Gurion demanding that Israeli forces evacuate the Sinai or face the possible loss of U.S. support.

1957: David Ben-Gurion resigned as Prime Minister “over the leaking of information from ministerial meetings.

1963: Israel’s first desalination plant opened at the port of Eilat.

1969:  Five unarmed Israeli gunboats arrived in Haifa tonight ending a 3,000-mile journey from Cherbourg, France.

1981: Iraq said today that two Israeli fighter planes had penetrated 30 miles into southwestern Iraqi airspace near the Saudi Arabian border but had been intercepted by Iraqi planes and forced to withdraw. The Israeli military command in Tel Aviv refused comment on the statement.

1987: The police said today that 10 identical letter bombs had been mailed from Turkey to several locations in Israel.

1989: Today, Prime Minister Shamir said he had dismissed Ezer Weizman from the cabinet for violating Israeli law by maintaining contacts with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

1990: According to reports published in today’s New York Times, Israeli military experts are virtually unanimous that in the event of war, Iraq would launch at least 20 missiles against Israel armed with conventional or chemical warheads, and that some of those missiles would be certain to penetrate Israeli defenses.

1991: An Arab woman from Bethlehem was preparing an explosive charge in a toilet in the Mahane Yehuda market, the main Jewish market of West Jerusalem, when the charge exploded killing her and no one else.

1993: Israel and the Vatican signed an agreement today to establish diplomatic relations.

1998: The United States Ambassador to Israel ordered the American Embassy in Tel Aviv closed today after what embassy officials called a ”direct and credible” threat of a terrorist attack against the building.

2008: Two Israelis were lightly wounded when they were shot by a group of men in a mall in Odense, Denmark this afternoon.

2009: Hamas activist, Ibrahim Za’arah, 44, was arrested with two bombs on his person

2009: Hamas activist, Ibrahim Za’arah, 44, was arrested with two bombs on his person

2010: Palestinian Authority terrorists attempted to murder a Jewish shepherd this morning. The terrorists opened fire on the shepherd as he tended his flock near Maaleh Shomron. The intended victim managed to take shelter and call for help. The attackers fled before IDF forces reached the scene.

2012: The Muslim Waqf managing the Temple Mount yesterday dumped tons of unexamined earth and stones excavated from the holy site into a municipal dump, in violation of a High Court injunction

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized late today to a top government official who received a firing notice via email.

2014: After years of financial trouble, Israel’s Channel 10 is scheduled to stop broadcasting today.

2014: The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that “hundreds of ancient coins and ancient artifacts were found at the home of a suspected antiquities thief in Beit Shemesh last week after the man was caught in the act at a nearby archaeological site.

2016: IDF soldiers were attacked today after arriving at the scene of clashes between settlers and Palestinians near the village of Sussiya, south of Hebron, police said.