Today in Israeli History


February 28

1883: In the U.K. British Zionist and barrister Herbert Bentwich and Susannah Bentwich gave birth to Norman De Mattos Bentwich who “was the British-appointed attorney-general of Mandatory Palestine.

1903: Max Nordau meets Leopold Greenberg in Paris and sends a wire to Herzl: “Greenberg had obtained everything that can possibly be conceded in an official agreement.”

1919: In Paris, Dr. Sikolow, the head of the Zionist delegation to the Peace Conference who summed up the aspirations of the Jews as comprising the recognition of the historic title of the Jews people to Palestine and the right to re-establish national home” “said today that the Supreme Council gave an attentive hearing to the Zionist case.”

1938: As the latest wave of Arab violence continued, The Palestine Post reported that the “representatives” of armed bands were regularly visiting Arab towns and villages, demanding money for their “activities” and issuing “receipts.

1940: The British adopted the MacDonald White Paper that included restriction of sale of Arab land to Jews in Eretz Yisrael.

1942: In Tel Aviv, Aharon Werba, a civil servant who made Aliyah in 1933 and his wife Chava gave birth to Dorit Werba who as Dorit Beinish was the first woman to serve as president of the Supreme Court of Israel.

1948: The famed Golani Brigade was formed today  during the Israeli War for Independence when the Levanoni Brigade in the Galilee split into the 1st Golani Brigade and the 2nd Carmeli Brigade

1950: Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett presented the cabinet with the draft of five year non-aggression pact between Israel and Jordan.  The pact is the product of several months of secret negotiations.  It includes most of the terms of the armistice agreement without setting final boundaries.

1955: Three days after Arab terrorists had murdered an Israeli civilian at Rehovot, paratroopers from a brigade under the command of Ariel Sharon implemented Operation Black Arrow that included an attack on an Egyptian base in Gaza and the ambushing of the relief column – an action in which the Israelis lost eight men while he enemy lost 37 men with “many more wounded.”

1979: Six people were injured in a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem

1991: A twenty-five year old Jewish religious student, Elhanan Atali, was found in an abandoned storeroom in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.  His throat had been slit and he had been stabbed in the back.

2003: Ariel Sharon begins serving as Communications Minister.

2010: Israeli police entered the Temple Mount compound today after Palestinians began throwing stones during rioting in Jerusalem’s Old City.

2012: The IDF said today that soldiers patrolling the border overnight spotted a group of people who had breached the frontier.

2014: The IDF has reportedly issued a stern warning to the Lebanese government, clarifying that the government will be held response and be a target for response should Hezbollah carry out its threats to attack Israel.

1919: During the Versailles Peace Conference, today the Dr. Weizmann, Nahum Sokolow, Professor Sylvain Levi of the College of France, Andre Spire of the French Zionist organization and Mr. Syzsyahkin representing the Jews of Russia presented their case before the Supreme Council which at a “minimum” called for the “establishment of communities Palestine and guarantee of special rights and sovereignty for these communities” and which at a “maximum” called :for the creation of a Jewish state in order that the Jews may have a national home where they can live in peace.

1927: Birthdate of Ariel Sharon, Israeli soldier and political leader.

1938: The Palestine Post reported that during his last day in Palestine, the departing High Commissioner, Sir Arthur Wauchope, laid the foundation stone of the Andrews Memorial Hospital in Netanya, and visited Pardess Hana, Hadera and Haifa.

1939: As the multi-year Arab wave of violence continues, 32 people were killed today and another fifty persons were wounded in a series of explosions and shootings throughout Palestine today.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that an Israeli soldier was killed when Jordanians opened fire on an Israeli patrol in the frequently infiltrated Beit Guvrin area.

1987: The Israeli Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, announced today that he had agreed with Egyptian officials that there should be an international conference on Middle East peace this year.

1991: President George H.W. Bush announced the end of the first Gulf War. During the war, the Israelis agreed not to join the coalition and not to retaliate against the Iraqi’s when they began firing Scuds into their country.

2007: Israel got its first Arab President.  Acting President Dalia Itzik left for a weeklong trip to the United States.  During that time, Majalli Wahabie, a Druze who had attained the rank of Lt. Colonel before retiring from the IDF, served in the largely ceremonial post.

2008: Approximately 50 Palestinian rockets hit the western Negev today, with one of them slamming into Sapir College near Sderot, killing a 47-year-old student.

2009: Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip continued their attacks on Israeli civilian areas early this morning when they fired a Kassam that hit an open area in the Sdot Negev region.

2014: Soldiers are searching for the two Palestinian Arab men who robbed and stabbed an Israeli cab driver this evening near Ariel junction

1898: Emile Zola appeals his conviction.

1939: Jews held protest demonstrations in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and several of the large kibbutzim this evening. The demonstrations were sparked by credible reports from London that the British government intends to create an independent Arab State in Palestine which will be structured in such a way to ensure that Jewish people will be permanently relegated to “minority status.”

1942: For twelve hours today, between midday and midnight, the Jewish population of Palestine observed a voluntary stoppage of all commercial and business. During this period all persons remained indoors in a self-imposed curfew, as a sign of mourning for the loss of the more than 700 Jews who died when the Struma, sank in the Black Sea north of the Bosporus

1951: Monnett B. Davis presented his credentials as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

1957: In Jerusalem, Geula Cohen, a prominent member of the 1940s underground group Lehi and later MK for Likud and Tehiya and Immanuel Hanegbi, was the Operations Officer for the Lehi gave birth to MK, cabinet member and security expert Yitzhak “Tzachi” Hanegbi

1969: Levi Eshkol passed away. Eshkol was the Prime Minster of Israel during the 1967 war.

1980: Egypt and Israel exchanged ambassadors for the first time.

1991: The Bank of Israel said today that it would permit foreign companies to issue stocks and bonds on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.

2006The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel’s two chief rabbis, Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger have “questions” for the Archbishop of Canterbury, but will not cancel plans to meet the leader of Britain’s state church this May in light of the vote by the General Synod of the Church of England to divest its shares in companies whose products are used by the Israeli government in the territories.

2008: Lt. Gen. Dan Shomron, a former chief of Israel’s general staff and the paratroop commander who planned and led the storied 1976 raid in which Israeli troops freed 103 hijacked hostages at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, in Israel. He was 70. He was the 13th Chief of Staff for the IDF.

2013: A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at Ashkelon early this morning, breaking months of quiet between Israel and the Palestinian enclave.

2014: Israeli troops along the border with Lebanon were on high alert tonight after Hezbollah threatened action over what it said was an Israeli air raid

1903: “Zionist committees set out today to investigate the feasibility of a British proposal to have Jews colonize El-Arish” which is located on the Mediterranean coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

1903: Herzl receives a telegram from the commission in El Arish: “Vicinity has made a favorable impression.”

1923: In “Palestine Relief Work Extended,” published today Dr Isaac M. Rubinow, the director of the Hadassah Medical Organization describes the positive changes that the work of the Hadassah doctors and nurses has had on

the citizens of Palestine including Jews, Arabs, Moslems and Christians.

1927: “Maccabi Tel Aviv defeated Hapoel-Allenby in the first Soccer Derby in Tel Aviv” today

1934: Birthdate of Meir Har-Zion a sabra who “was an Israeli military commando” and “a key member of Unit 101.”

1938: The Palestine Post reported that The Times of London criticized, in its leading article, the delay shown by the Colonial Office in appointing a new technical commission which would advise how to implement the proposed by the Royal (Peel) Commission and the League of Nations partition of Palestine.

1947: British Foreign Minister Bevin continues his rhetoric attacking Zionism and defending the Arabs who have been in Palestine “for 2,000 years.

1947: The SS President Warfield set sail from Baltimore, MD on a voyage which would sail her into the history books as The Exodus

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that after Jordan asked Britain to intervene against what he called Israeli “aggression” and invoked the Jordanian-British pact of mutual assistance, the British government officially disclosed that it considered the possibility of stationing its armed forces on Jordanian territory.

1954: Nasser became Egyptian premier. The “man behind the throne” who had masterminded the downfall of the Egyptian monarchy now took center stage and took his country down a road war with Israel.

1955: Arab terrorists, one of whom “was found to be in possession of documents linking him to Egyptian military intelligence” murdered an Israeli civilian in Rehovot.

1969: One person was injured during a bombing at the British consulate in East Jerusalem.

1982: Today “Labor Party chairman Shimon Peres today rejected Premier Menachem Begin’s latest offer to form a national unity government.”

1991: The barrage of Iraqi scud attacks that began on January 18th came to an end today.  During that period 39 missiles were fired into Israel.

1994: Eighty- year old Sam Eisenstadt was assaulted with an axe while walking in the center of Kfar Saba. Sam died of his wounds shortly afterwards.

1996: One person died in the bombing of the Ashkelon bus station for which Hamas claimed responsibility.

1996: Seventeen civilians and nine soldiers were murdered and forty-eight people were injured when a Palestinian terrorist set off a bomb “on a No.18 bus traveling down Jaffa Road near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.”

2002: Sixty-five year old Avraham Fish and forty-six year old Aharon Gorov were murdered by members of Fatah outside of Tekoa.

2009: Two Kassam rockets were fired across the Gaza border into Israel today.

2010: As he arrived at Jerusalem District Court for the opening of his trial today Ehud Olmert became the first former prime minister in Israel’s history to stand trial for alleged corruption.

2011: Today, the IDF instructed teachers to keep children from going outside to play in kindergartens located in towns near Gaza after two Grad rockets landed in Beersheba

2014: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would neither confirm nor deny reports that the IAF had destroyed a shipment of weapons being sent from Syria to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

1885: Birthdate of Joseph Sprinzak, first Speaker of Israeli Knesset.

1898: “Prison and Fine For Zola” published today described the scene in the courtroom when Emile Zola was convicted.

1904:  Herzl writes, “Yesterday I had a most curious visitor: Ali Nuri Bey … His proposal … comes to this: Sail into the Bosporus with two cruisers, bombard Yildiz, let the Sultan flee or capture him, put in another Sultan (Murad or Reshad), but first form a provisional government – which is to give us the Charter for Palestine….”

1906: Birthdate of Yosef Serlin, the native of Bialystok who made Aliyah in 1933 and worked as lawyer in Tel Aviv while pursuing a political career that included serving as member of the First Knesset.

1932: The Maccabee Association of the United States hosts a benefits concert at Carnegie Hall to raise funds for an athletic stadium in Tel Aviv.

1936: “Henrietta Szold…replied today to Palestine Jewry’s greetings on her seventy-fifth birthday, stating that without their assistance she could have achieved nothing.”

1936: In Jaffa, Arabs picketing construction sites where schools were being built “stoned Jewish laborers and policemen, dangerously wounding one British constable and seriously damaging” at least one building.

1939: An informal meeting that lasted less than half an hour “between Jewish delegates to the Palestine conference and representatives of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq was held today in St. James’s Palace on the same day that Dr. Stephen S. Wise and Louis Lipsky met with United States Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy.

1940:  Winston Churchill shared a telegram with the War Cabinet in which Chaim Weizmann described the “deplorable” effect that adoption of the Land Transfer Regulations would have.  The War Cabinet was unmoved by the plea.

1942: The Struma was torpedoed and sunk by the Soviet submarine SC 213.  Approximately 769 illegal Jewish immigrants aboard trying to beat the British blockade the Struma perished on their way to Palestine.

1949: “Under the auspices of the United Nations Mediator Dr. Ralph Bunche, an armistice was signed between Egypt and Israel.”  This marked the beginning of the end of Israel’s War for Independence.

1949: President Weizmann entrusted David Ben-Gurion with the task of forming Israel’s first government.

1956: “Churchill received the Israeli Ambassador, Eliahu Elath, who presented him with a portfolio of woodcuts depicting ancient Jerusalem as an eightieth birthday gift from the Prime Minister and Government of Israel.

1989: Sergeant Binyamin Meisner, an Israeli paratrooper, was killed today when he was struck in the head by a concrete block thrown from a building in Nablus.

1991: Allied forces began their ground offensive in Gulf War – Israel was asked to remain outside the coalition to keep together the alliance with the Arab states this having to rely on the US to protect them from the Iraqi Scud attacks that were cheered by Palestinian leaders.

2006: London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended from office for four weeks after being found guilty of bringing his office into disrepute by comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

2009: Dalia Itzik completed her term as Speaker of the Knesset

1898: In France Émile Zola was convicted following his trial for libel.  He received the maximum sentence – one year in jail and a fine of 3000 Frances. He had written “J’accuse” which was a letter accusing the French government of anti-Semitism and wrongfully placing Alfred Dreyfus in jail.

1903: Leopold Greenberg an English newspaper editor, Zionist and friend of Theodore Herzl leaves Egypt.

1938: Today is the planned date on which passengers will begin debarking at the newly refurbished port of Tel Aviv.  The event is viewed as “a milestone in the rebuilding of the Jewish National Home.”

1983: Moshe Arens replaced Menachem Begin as Defense Minister.

1992: In Philadelphia, Israeli tennis player Amos Mansdorf lost in the finals to American Pete Sampras.

2003: Seventy-three year old Jerusalem native Shlomo Argov the confidant of David Ben Gurion and Israeli Ambassador to several countries including the United Kingdom who with his wife Hava had three children – Gideon, Yehudit and Edna – passed away today.

2005: Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz announced that Dan Halutz would be the next IDF Chief of Staff.

2009: The Israel Antiquities Authority announced today that a routine archeological excavation that was conducted before the scheduled start of a private construction project in an Arab neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem has uncovered a series of seal impressions from the reign of the biblical King Hezekiah 2,700 years ago.

2009: IDF soldiers foiled a large-scale attack at the Kissufim border crossing against troops or a southern Israeli community.

1902: Herzl travels to Munich and meets the banker Reitlinger.

1946: The Palmach attacked the Police Tegart fort at Shefa ‘Amr with a 200-pound bomb; in the firefight that followed, the Palmach suffered casualties

1948: As the conflict over the coming partition of Palestine grew, three car bombs arranged by Arab irregulars exploded on Ben Yehudah Street killing 52 Jewish civilians and leaving 123 injured.

1948: The Golani Brigade, one of Israeli’s most elite infantry brigades was formed.

2002: A Fatah terrorist murdered 45 year old Valery Ahmir “in a drive-by shooting.”

2009: The now-daily rocket attacks by Gaza terrorists against southern Israel resumed today with the launch of a Kassam rocket at the Sha’ar HaNegev region and a mortar attack fired at IDF troops near the Kissufim Crossing

2010: The Knesset “approved a law instructing the Israeli Government to protect the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab counties in all forthcoming peace negotiations

2010: Israeli archaeologists said today that they’ve discovered an unusually shaped 1,400-year-old wine press that was exceptionally large and advanced for its time

1895: Birthdate of Szmul Zygielbojm “a Jewish-Polish socialist politician, leader of the Bund, and a member of the National Council of the Polish government in exile” who in 1943  “committed suicide to protest the indifference of the Allied governments in the face of the Holocaust.”

1898: As the trial of Emile Zola, the publisher of the Aurore enters its final days it was reported today that “public feeling against the Jews is so overwhelming that” his conviction is a foregone conclusion.

1918:  During the fight to free Palestine from Turkish control, Australian units under the overall command of General Allenby drove the Turks from Jericho and reached the northern end of the Dead Sea

1932: “According to announcement sent out by the Jewish National Fund of America” today, “an evergreen memorial of 500,000 pin and eucalyptus trees will be planted in Palestine as a living tribute of the Jews of America” to George Washington.

1938: The Palestine Post reported that The Jewish Agency, The Marine Trust Ltd. and other Jewish organizations asked the government to speed up the development of the Tel Aviv port in order to stop congestion and allow normal passenger traffic.

1948: The Arab League voted to deny American oil companies pipeline rights in the Middle East until Washington altered its Palestine policy reinforcing efforts by Secretary of State George Marshall and others at the State Department to get President Truman to reconsider his support for the creation of a Jewish state

1958: Egypt and Syria having formed the United Arab Republic (UAL) elected the Egyptian dictator Gamiel Nasser as its new President

1969: Two were killed and twenty more wounded in a terrorist bombing attack at Jerusalem supermarket.

1970: A Swissair plane bound from Zurich to Tel Aviv explodes and crashes shortly after takeoff; all 47 people aboard are killed.

1974: Israeli forces left the territory on the western side of the Suez Canal

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that there were at least 2,000 guests at the colorful opening of the 29th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem.

1992: Israeli forces withdrew from two villages in southern Lebanon today, ending a 24-hour thrust against Hezbollah guerrillas who had fired salvos of rockets into northern Israel.

2002: A Palestinian terrorist shot 22 year old Minhal Dragma

2013: Today President Shimon Peres exhorted the European Union and its member states to place Hezbollah on their terror lists, and warned Lebanon against initiating violence against Israel.

1827: Sir Moses Montefiore and Lady Judith Montefiore began their first trip to Palestine

1939: Twenty thousand Nazi supporters gather in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that The Jewish Agency opened a hostel in Tel Aviv for skilled Western immigrants.

1992: The clashes between Israelis and Iranian backed guerrillas in Lebanon culminated with an Israeli armored push today into the villages of Kafra and Yater, about a mile north of what Israel calls its security zone in southern Lebanon.

2002: The Israeli Defense Ministry awarded Elbit Systems, the Haifa based electronics manufacturer founded in 1967, a ground-breaking tender to purchase new trainers for the air force

2008: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met in Jerusalem.

2017: Two days after an Israeli done strike killed five ISIS terrorists who had been preparing to fire a rocket into Israel, “two rockets were fired into Israel from the Sinai Peninsula”

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles invited Israel to join his new Middle Eastern Defense Organization.

1973: “S’13, Unit 707, and Sayeret Tzanhanim commandos jointly raided guerrilla bases in Nahr al-Bared and Beddawi today in Operation Bardas 54–55 during which about 40 guerillas were killed and 60 wounded, and a Turkish military trainer was taken prisoner

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that, two Arab terrorists assassinated Youseff el-Sibaei, the editor of the semi-official Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper at the Larnaca Hilton hotel, in Cyprus and took 11 Egyptian hostages to the local airport in an apparent reaction to Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s peace initiative.

1978: One Arab died and another was injured by a terrorist bombing at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

2004: Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal was awarded an honorary knighthood in recognition of a “lifetime of service to humanity.”

2010: Omri Caspi, the first Israeli to play in North America’s National Basketball Association, will participate in a special Friday-evening service and Shabbat meal this evening with hundreds of members of the Los Angeles Jewish community, ahead of the Sacramento Kings’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday night.

2011: The family of kidnapped Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit marked the 1,700th day of his captivity today along with hundreds of supporters in front of the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem.

2012: The IDF is planning to deploy an Iron Dome battery in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area for the first time as part of a drill simulating a missile attack

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that in London the House of Commons backed the British government’s decision to continue selling jet fighters to Arab nations to the exclusion of Israel

1955: Pinchas Lavon’s resignation as Defense Minister is accepted.

1955: David Ben Gurion agrees to come out of retirement and serve as Defense Minister.  Four months later he will also agree to serve as Prime Minister.

1969: The PLO attacked an El-Al plane in Zurich Switzerland.

1973: A headline in the New York Times read “Half Baghdad’s Jews Said to Apply to Leave; Property Seized.”  “Half the members of the tiny Jewish community in Baghdad have applied for passports to leave Iraq in recent weeks in the face of a crackdown by Iraqi authorities, according to a first day account.

2010: Today, while the media is filled with stories about supposed Israeli responsibility for the death of Hamas leader in Dubai

2010: An IDF soldier was lightly wounded today by a bomb which exploded near a patrol unit on the security fence near the central Gaza Strip.

2010: Terrorists hurled a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli bus in Gush Etzion yesterday evening. There were no casualties, but the bus was damaged.

2011: The United States used its veto this afternoon to block a Security Council resolution declaring Israel’s settlement construction in the West Bank illegal.

2012: Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launched Grad rockets in the direction of the Negev’s largest city, Beersheba, today triggering air raid sirens.

2013: President Shimon Peres today announced that he will present his American counterpart with the Presidential Medal of Distinction during his March stay in Israel.

2013: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today sent Pope Benedict XVI a letter of appreciation on behalf of the State of Israel, a week after the pontiff announced his imminent resignation from office.

2014: “Two rockets fired from war-torn Syria struck the Golan Heights in northern Israel today, shortly after a secret visit to the area by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the army said.”

2017: As part of their visit to Israel, a group of players from the National Football League (NFL) are scheduled to play players from the Israeli Football Association in an exhibition game today.

1949: Chaim Weizmann was sworn in as the first president of Israel.

1969: Levi Eshkol, who led Israel during the 1967 war, the  third Prime Minister of Israel, died suddenly.

1969: Golda Meir sworn in as Israel’s 1st female prime minister.

1970: Shmuel Yosef or S.Y. Agnon passed away.  Agnon was the first Hebrew author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.  He won the prize in 1966.

1970: One Jordanian and two Iraqis were arrested today when they tried to hijack an El Al plane at the Munich Airport.

2011: A Lebanese military court convicted a man of spying for Israel and sentenced him to death late today. Amin al-Baba was found guilty of giving Israeli intelligence agents information in return for money.

1902: In a letter to the Ottoman Sultan, Herzl summarizes his negotiations. The Sultan’s decision is unfavorable towards the Zionist movement.

1915: The American Jewish Relief Committee issued a plea to every Jew in New York asking that they send at least one dollar to the office of Treasurer Felix Warburg so that the committee could take advantage of the offer of U.S Navy to ship 900 tons of food supplies “for the suffering and starving population of Palestine.”

1936: In honor of her 75th birthday, Henrietta Szold, American Zionist leader will be honored today by the Jews of Palestine with the title of “freewoman” which makes her an honorary citizen of Tel Aviv The title is the feminine form of “freeman” that has been confirmed on such leaders as the Earl of Balfour and former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

1936: “Charging that Great Britain is failing to carry out the spirit of the Balfour Declaration creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine, Rabbi Meyer Berlin, its honorary world president, told the opening session of the Mizrachi Zionist Organization of America today that appeals would be taken to the League of Nations, the United States and to the ‘cultural world’ to show the injustice being done to Jews.”

1938: The Palestine Post reported that two Jews were wounded when Arabs fired at a Jewish bus which was on its way to the Kastel quarries.

1948: The U.N. Palestine Commission which “was never permitted by the Arabs or the British to go to Palestine to implement the” U.N.’s resolution partitioning Palestine “reported to the Security Council” today that “Powerful Arab interests, both inside and outside Palestine, are defying the resolution of the General Assembly and are engaged in a deliberation effort to alter by force the settlement envisaged therein.”

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel had sent anti-typhoid vaccine to flood victims in Holland.

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that two persons were killed and 46 injured when an Arab threw a bomb at a bus passing through Rehov Tzefania in Jerusalem.

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that in Washington the US Administration threatened to withdraw its request for the sale of advanced F-15 and F-16 fighter planes to Israel if Congress blocked the sale of F-15s to Saudi Arabia and F-5Es to Egypt.

1985: The founding of Iranian funding terror group Hezbollah

1992: An Israeli helicopter strike killed the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Abbas al-Musawi.  According to western officials, al-Musawi was responsible for numerous terrorist attacks including the 1983 terror attack in Beirut that killed 300 U.S. and French soldiers.

2005: By a vote of 59 to 40 with 5 abstentions, the Knesset “finalized and approved” Sharon’s plan for withdrawal from Gaza after having rejected “a proposed amendment to submit the plan to a referendum.”

2011: The Iron Dome missile intercept system will be declared operational within a number of weeks, after the Israel Air Force – who will be responsible for operating the system – conducted successful test-runs for the first time yesterday and today.

2013: The IDF evacuated seven Syrian nationals injured in Syria’s civil war to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed today.

1900: Herzl is received by Austrian Prime Minister Ernest von Koerber. Herzl writes a memorandum about the Jewish Colonial Bank

1903: Herzl sends a new proposal to the Sultan: Colonization in the Sanjak of Acre in return for a guaranteed annual payment of 100.000 Turkish pounds.

1944: Churchill invites Chaim Weismann to dine with him.  After the dinner Weizmann reassured his Zionist colleagues that the Prime Minister still had a positive view of the formation of a Jewish commonwealth in Palestine after the war ended.

1951: The government led by Prime Minister Ben Gurion resigned “after the Knesset had rejected David Remez’s proposals on the registration of school children” triggering elections that would be held in July.

1966: Gertrude Luckner a Christian social worker who ended up in Rabensbruck for aiding Jewish families “was recognised as Righteous among the Nations by Yad Vashem.”

2008: The Jerusalem Post on line reported that more than 50 Hezbollah terror cells believed to be spread across the globe could be activated and used to strike at Israeli or Jewish targets in retaliation for the assassination of Hezbollah arch-terrorist and operations officer Imad Mughniyeh in Syria

2010: In Israel, observance of Family Day.

2010: Israeli archaeologists said today that they’ve discovered an unusually shaped 1,400-year-old wine press that was exceptionally large and advanced for its time. The octagonal press measures 21 feet by 54 feet (6.5 by 16.5 meters) and was discovered in southern Israel, about 40 kilometers south of both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

2011: Israeli embassies throughout the world have received several suspected terror threats, the Israel Foreign Ministry said in a statement today.

2012: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that Iran is destabilizing the world and urged the international community to condemn its terror acts against Israeli targets. The prime minister’s comments come a day after a botched terror attack in Thailand, which Israeli officials believe was meant to target Israel’s ambassador in Bangkok.

2013: Bulgarian security forces today raided the temporary residences of a visiting Hamas delegation in Sofia, and then expelled the officials from the country, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

2017: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to have his first summit meeting with President Donald Trump in Washington, DC.

1896: Theodor Herzl published “Der Judenstaat” which outlined his vision for a Jewish State.

1902: Herzl and Joseph Cowen arrive in Constantinople with hopes of starting negotiations to further the project of creating a Jewish homeland in Ottoman controlled in Palestine.

1945: Henrietta Szold, of blessed memory, was buried today at 3 pm on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  Among the attendees were representatives of the 12,000 Jewish refugees whom she helped to rescue through Youth Aliyah.

1945: President Franklin Roosevelt met with Ibn Saud where they discussed the future of the Jews and settlement in Palestine.  Churchill received a full report of the meeting, but the report was kept secret from the rest of the world.  Among other things Ibn Saud expressed his total opposition to Jewish settlement in Palestine and said that Holocaust survivors should be returned to their countries of origin

1949: Russian-born English chemist and Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, 74, was elected first president of the newly restored modern state of Israel.

1949: The Knesset opened its first session.

1983: Manchem Begin replaced Ariel Sharon as Minister of Defense.

1986: Six people were wounded during the bombing of a bus in Jerusalem.

2010: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Military, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, is scheduled to arrive in Israel today as part of a tour of the region.

515 BC: Completion of the construction of the Second Temple at Jerusalem

1931: In the wake of a British white paper aimed at limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, today Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald wrote the famous “Macdonald Letter” to Chiam Weizmann. The limitation on immigration had been brought on by violent Arab riots in 1929.

1945: Henrietta Szold, American-Jewish women’s leader and the founder of Hadassah, who had been seriously ill in Hadassah University Hospital on Mount Scopus since December, died today at the age of 84.

1955: Israel acquired four of the seven Dead Sea scrolls. Between 1947 and 1956 thousands of fragments of biblical and early Jewish documents were discovered in eleven caves near the site of Khirbet Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea.

1994: Noam Cohen, age 28, a member of the General Security Service, was shot and killed in an ambush on his car. Two of his colleagues who were also in the vehicle suffered moderate injuries. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack

2007: Gabi Ashkenazi became the Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces. Born in Hagor in 1954, he joined the army in 1972 as a member of the famous Golani Brigade and saw his first combat in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War in 1973

2009: IAF aircraft struck in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis this afternoon after two Kassam rockets were earlier fired at southern Israel.

2011: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet unanimously approved the appointment of Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz as the Israel Defense Forces’ 20th chief of staff.

2012: The wife of an Israeli diplomat was moderately wounded today when a car bomb exploded outside of Israel’s embassy in the Indian capital of New Delhi. Also today, a Georgian worker employed by the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi alerted police after noticing a strange object attached to a car assigned to the Israeli envoy to the country.

1896: Theodore Herzl authors the work a “Literary Testament”.

1901: Herzl meets Lady Battersea, Rothschild’s cousin in the apartment of Israel Zangwil.

1918: Following the issuance of the Balfour Declaration, the French issued a statement today expressing their support for the creation “of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine

1929: “The Christian and the Moslem communities of Palestine were urged to lend their best cooperation to the efforts of the Jewish people in the rebuilding of the Holy Land by John Haynes Holmes, pastor of the New York Community church, was the guest of honor at a reception given to him today by the municipality of Tel Aviv at City Hall

1935: The first Palestine-owned ships of modern times will start service here today, restoring to the Jewish people a profession in which they have had little part since the ancient Phoenicians.  Two new ships Mount Zion and Tel Aviv sail between Palestine, Constananza and Trieste.  While the ships are of “British naval design” they will have Jewish skippers and crews.

1940: The British War Cabinet discussed the 1939 White Paper to limit Jewish land purchase in Palestine.  Despite a protest from Churchill, the land limitation regulations would be put into force

1942: Avraham Stern was killed after being captured by British authorities in Tel Aviv.

1949: An unidentified aircraft bombed Jerusalem.  Based on various sources the plane might have been Egyptian or British.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that in his address to UN officers, Syrian Colonel Ghassan Shabib, a senior Israeli-Syrian Mixed Armistice Commission delegate had declared, “This country has no room for both peoples. There should be either Jews or Arabs.”

1986: After spending eight years in Soviet prisons and labor camps, human rights activist Anatoly Scharansky was released. The amnesty deal was arranged by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan at a summit meeting three months earlier.

1991: In the early morning hours Iraq carried out its 13th Scud attack. The Scud was hit by the Patriot over a populated section of Tel Aviv and flaming missile parts slammed into the city. At least seven people were lightly injured.

2010: The Israel Defense Forces thwarted an attempted stabbing attack by a Palestinian in Hebron today.

2012: A man was killed and three others were injured in an attack by the Israeli Air Force on tunnels and a weapons depot in the Gaza Strip today.

1903: The Zionist Commission led by Leopold Kessler and including Selig Soskin, Dr. Hillel Yaffe, and Colonel Albert Goldsmid began its tour of the area around El Arish.

1907: The Federation of American Zionists is scheduled to host a banquet this evening at the Vienna Hall in honor of Dr. Shmaryahu Lewin.

1917: Chaim Weizman was elected president of the English Zionist Federation (EZF) and Joseph Cowen and Leopold Kessler began serving on the executive committee.

1953: The Soviet Union broke diplomatic relations with Israel.

1961: The trial of Adolf Eichmann began in Jerusalem.

1986:  Having been released from imprisonment by the USSR, Anatoly Sharansky leaves the country and begins his journey to Israel.

1991: This evening Iraq fired a scud aimed at Tel Aviv. It was the 12th attack against Israel since the start of the Persian Gulf War.

2009: Gaza terrorists fired three mortar shells at the Eshkol region

2010: Ihad Khatib, the IDF officer who was stabbed to death yesterday by a member of the Palestinian Authority, was laid to rest in his Druze community of Maghar today.

1903: Herzl writes to Lord Rothschild, reports about the commission and asks for a meeting in Paris.

1938: The Palestine Post reported from London that the Colonial Secretary, Mr. Ormsby Gore, made a clear reaffirmation of the British desire to proceed with the partition, as recommended by the Peel Report and the Mandates Commission of the League of Nations.

1938: The Palestine Post reported that the final allocation of 31 seats at the Jerusalem Community Council was: Labor 10, Revisionists four, Hapoel Hamizrahi and Sephardim three each, and the rest were divided between nine smaller parties. The total number of votes cast was 9,368.

1949: Lehi Leader Nathan Yellin-Mor was sentenced to 8 years in prison after having been guilty of being part of the leadership of a terrorist organization for his role in the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that a strong explosion shook the Soviet Legation building in Tel Aviv, injuring three members of the staff. Israel expressed “horror and detestation” at this cowardly act. The owner of a Soviet bookshop in Jerusalem was threatened. This violence came as a wave of anti-Semitism swept across the Soviet Union.

1994: Naftali Sahar a citrus grower, was killed by blows to his head. His body was found in his orchard near Kibbutz Na’an.

2008: Jerusalem Post on-line reported that “anger boiled over in Sderot on as residents took to the streets, demanding that the government take stronger steps against the rocket fire from Gaza following a Kassam strike that shattered one local family’s Shabbat.

2012: Israel’s Defense Ministry said this morning that it had conducted a successful test of the Arrow 2 missile defense system

1925: The Technion opened in Haifa. “As Israel’s oldest and premier institute of science and technology, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology has been an active and leading participant in Israel’s establishment and development.

1948: During the fight for Jerusalem, the Haganah attacked the Arab village of Sur Bahir from which snipers had been shooting at the residents of Talipot.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that three marauders were killed and eight captured along the Jordanian border.

1954: Birthdate of Salah Tarif, a Druze Israeli politician who served in the Knesset for fourteen years.  His service in the cabinet of Ariel Sharon made him the first non-Jew to serve as a government minister in Israel.

1969: Today, over a year after the INS Dakar sank with all hands on board, a Palestinian fisherman found her stern emergency buoy marker washed up on the coast of Khan Yunis, a Palestinian town southwest of Gaza.

1991: A new Scud missile attack on Israel left 20 people slightly wounded in Tel Aviv, the military said. Iraq fired a single Scud missile armed with a conventional warhead at Israel early this morning, and the authorities said it was hit by a Patriot missile over Tel Aviv.

1994: Israeli minister Shimon Perez signed a peace accord with PLO’s Arafat.

2014: This morning the Israeli Air Force targeted a terrorist in the Gaza Strip who was involved in multiple attacks against Israel, critically wounding him.

1949: Formation of Shabak or Shin Bet, the Israel security service

1991: Israeli media reported that three soldiers had been wounded when Jordanian gunmen sneaked across the border and threw a hand grenade at a military bus. A few hours later, an Israeli guard in Jerusalem shot and wounded a Palestinian who attacked him with an ax.

2001: Hamas claimed responsibility for today’s Beit Yisrael Bombing in which two people were injured in Jerusalem.

2006: In Hebron international observers end their decade-long presence following attacks by Palestinians.

2010: Eleven people were arrested as Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren was repeatedly interrupted while trying to deliver an address tonight at the University of California, Irvine. Oren was speaking about US-Israeli relations and was interrupted nearly a dozen times.

2011: Two Kassam rockets slammed into a field and a parking lot in a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council at around 11 a.m.

2012: Gilad Schalit, the IDF soldier held in Hamas captivity for five years before being released in October, was welcomed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to the Élysée Palace in Paris on today.

1878: In Vienna twenty-eight year old Pauline Herzl, the older sister of Theodore Herzl, passed away after contracting Typhus.  After the creation of the state of Israel her remains would be laid to rest on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.  Herzl named his daughter after his sister.

1898:  Emile Zola was brought to trial for libel for publishing J’Accuse. “J’accuse accused the French government of anti-Semitism and of wrongfully placing Alfred Dreyfus in jail. Zola was brought to trial for libel for publishing J’Accuse on February 7, 1898 and was convicted on February 23. Zola declared that the conviction and transportation to Devil’s Island of the Jewish army captain Alfred Dreyfus came after a false accusation of espionage and was a miscarriage of justice. The case, known as the Dreyfus affair, had divided France deeply between the reactionary army and church and the more liberal commercial society. The ramifications continued for years, so much so that on the 100th anniversary of Émile Zola’s article, France’s Roman Catholic daily paper, “La Croix”, apologized for its anti-Semitic editorials during the Dreyfus affair.”

1917: The first draft of the Balfour Declaration was written at the Gaster home today in the presence of Chaim Weizmann, Nahum Sokolow, Baron Rothschild, Sir Mark Sykes and Herbert Samuel

1947: This date marks the official founding of the Jewish Agency, a world-wide organization centered in Israel. It is dedicated to the establishment of Israel as the Jewish Homeland, and to the encouragement and fulfillment of Jewish Aliyah from around the world.

1991: Lieutenant Colonel Amos Yarkoni one of six Israeli Arabs to receive the IDF’s third highest decoration, the Medal of Distinguished Service and the first commander of the Shaked Reconnaissance Battalion of the Givati Brigade died of cancer at the age of 71.

1901: Herzl travels to London and tries to win Rothschild for his plan.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel told Britain and the US that Jordan was entirely responsible for the current border unrest.

1991: Today an Arab traveling on a bus got up and attacked a soldier with a knife.

1997: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Ezer Weizman attended funerals and visited grieving families while thousands of Israelis went to pray at the Western Wall and assemblies were held at schools nationwide as Israel observed a national day of mourning for the 73 Israeli soldiers who died on February 4 when two Sikorsky helicopters collided.

2001: Ariel Sharon was elected Israeli prime minister in a landslide over Ehud Barak.

2009: A day after a Hamas delegation left Egypt without an agreement on a long-term Gaza truce, terrorists in the Strip fired two rockets at southern Israel

2014: For the third time in the past 24 hours terrorists in the Gaza strip fired a rocket into the Ashkelon and Eshkol region

2016: A terrorist stabbed a 65 year old grandmother who was shopping with her family at a market in Rahat.

2017: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called for new international sanctions against Iran during his first meeting with British counterpart Theresa May in London.”

1901: Herzl met with the French banker Reitlinger in Paris and discussed the idea of buying the Turkish Public Debt as a way to negotiate for the Charter for a Jewish Homeland in Eretz Israel.

1902: Herzl begins a trip Constantinople where he is scheduled to arrive on the 14th so that he may begin negotiations for the creation of Jewish homeland.

1930:  Fifth Aliyah begins. The Fifth Aliyah, which some sources say actually started in 1929, marked a ten-year period when approximately 250,000 Jews settled in pre-War Palestine.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that the cabinet held an extraordinary meeting, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, to consider the recent frequent outbreaks of violence and infiltration across the Jordanian border, including the derailing, of a goods train near Kalkilya,.

1990: The Israeli Army said its troops had killed five heavily armed Arab guerrillas in the western Negev region of Israel after chasing them for a short distance.

1997:  The so-called Big Three banks in Switzerland announce the creation of a $71 million fund to aid Holocaust survivors and their families.

2008: Three Kassam rockets were fired at southern Ashkelon this evening

2011: The Quartet – the UN, the US, the EU and Russia – “refused to heed the Palestinian call for unilateral statehood and instead continued to throw its support behind a negotiated solution, when it met today in Germany

2012: Israel has not and is not interfering in the political crisis in Syria, Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said today,

1898: During the Dreyfus Affair, the French Army High Command brings an action of criminal libel against Emile Zola for his accusations of knowing collaboration on the part of the French general staff in convicting Dreyfus based on false information.

1933: In Tel Aviv, Eliyahu Golomb, one of the early leaders of the Haganah and his wife gave birth to David Golomb, Israeli political leader and Knesset member.

1938: The Palestine Post reported that Dr. Chaim Weizmann, upon his departure for England, stressed the Yishuv’s and world Jewry need for unity, and said that some people “can only succeed in placing obstacles on our path, but they will never stop our work.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that a train was derailed north of Kalkilya, as the result of a carefully planned operation by Jordanian saboteurs who blew up a section of track opposite Tulama village.

1959: For the first times since ancient times, Israel began exporting copper ore from the King Solomon mines.

1968: At sundown, Israeli forces ended their search for the INS Dakar.

1969: Yasser Arafat takes over as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Arafat was committed to a Palestinian state from the “River to the Sea.

1990: Ten Israeli tourists were murdered near Cairo. Israeli military officials speculated this evening that the attackers of an Israeli tourist bus near Cairo were members of a guerrilla organization that sent assassins across the Egyptian border into Israel in December.

1997: En route to Lebanon, two Israeli Sikorsky CH-53 troop-transport helicopters collide in mid-air over northern Galilee, Israel killing 73.

2008: A Palestinian suicide bomber killed one woman and wounded 11 other people when he blew himself up in a crowded mall in the southern Israeli city of Dimona at 10:30 A.M.  (8:30 A.M. GMT). A second suicide bomber was killed by a policeman before he could detonate his explosives belt.

2013: The IDF has arrested a number of senior Hamas figures in the West Bank, Palestinian sources said today.

2016: Israelis mourned as 19 year old Hadar Cohen was laid to rest today after having been murdered by terrorists in Jerusalem yesterday.

1919: Today, Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the Zionist delegation, presented the case for a Jewish homeland together with a map of the proposed entity. The statement supported the creation of a mandate entrusted to Britain and described the Jewish historical connection with the area.

1946: In Jerusalem, “police and military authorities announced today that the curfew that had barred pedestrians from streets in Jewish quarters would be lifted tomorrow.  The curfew has been in effect for sixteen nights.

1949: The Provisional State Council which acted as the legislature for the state of Israel until the election of the first Knesset held its last meeting today.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Arab states had dropped their plans for a boycott of Germany after the Bonn government has ratified the Israeli Reparations Treaty.

1953: The Jerusalem Post reported that Czechoslovakia and Hungary joined the Soviet Union in spreading false anti-Semitic accusations and started identifying and purging their Jewish officials.

1954: The IDF officially began employing “a new doctrine of combining armored and motorized infantry units” developed by Yitzhak Pundak who was promoted the rank of Brigadier General.

1988: Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin visited Nablus today and found the streets deserted except for his own soldiers. He chatted with them in the narrow twisting streets

2009: Palestinian militants fired a long-range rocket from Gaza into the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon today and Israel retaliated with airstrikes against smuggling tunnels and a Hamas outpost in southern Gaza, as Egyptian-brokered talks for a sustainable cease-fire continued in Cairo with no obvious progress.

1949: The Israeli Government in Tel Aviv announced that West Jerusalem was no longer ‘occupied territory’ but an integral part of Israel under civil administration.

1949: Immigration fever reached its height with approximately one thousand new immigrants a day reaching the shores of Israel.

1949: Immigration fever reached its height with approximately one thousand new immigrants a day reaching the shores of Israel.

1957: The UN adopted a resolution calling for Israeli troops to leave Egypt.  This was the beginning of the end of the 1956 Sinai Campaign.

1968: Today, the ill-fated INS Dakar was scheduled to enter her home port; a rendezvous she did not keep.

1974: As Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sought to bring a truce to the Middle East, Syrian guns shelled Israeli military position and civilian positions near the Golan Heights.

1975: Two people were injured in a terrorist bus bombing in Jerusalem.

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that Europe was on an alert as Arab terrorists boasted of having poisoned Jaffa oranges.

1978: The Jerusalem Post reported that the indirect behind-the-scenes Israeli-Egyptian negotiations and the face-to-face military negotiations came to a halt with both sides remaining far apart in their search for a political solution.

1991: New York Mayor David Dinkins was scheduled to leave on his trip to Israel today.  The trip is designed to show support for Israel during the Persian Gulf War.

2004: Israel killed a leader of Islamic Jihad and three other terrorists in a Gaza raid.

2010: Security forces searched Israel’s coastline and closed beaches in the south today after two barrels of explosives washed up on the shores of Ashkelon and Ashdod, north of Gaza.

2012: During his visit to Gaza today, UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon urged “the people from Gaza to stop firing rockets into the Israeli side. Indiscriminate killing of people, civilians, is not acceptable, for whatever reasons. Eight rockets were fired into Israel on the eve of Ban’s visit, the IDF said.

2015: During an awards ceremony today where the IDF honored many of those who fought “in last summer’s conflict in Gaza” a Distinguished Service Medal was awarded posthumously to twenty-four year old Lt. Eitan Fund “who famously rushed into a tunnel to try and stop the kidnapping of Hadar Goldin during an ambush near Rafah on August 1, 2014.”

1924: Automobile magnet Henry Ford who bankrolled the anti-Semitic Dearborn Independent which published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion entertained Nazi Kurt Ludecke at his Michigan home.

1948: Arabs bombed the Palestine Post (a.k.a. Jerusalem Post) building in Jerusalem

1951: During the Presidency of Harry Truman, Monnett B. Davis was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Israel

1955: Lord Rothschild wrote to Churchill “thanking him for the fact that in Jerusalem in 1921 ‘you laid the foundation of the Jewish State by separating Abdullah’s Kingdom from the rest of Palestine.

1970: Oil was pumped for the first time in the newly completed 42 inch Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline

2003: The Space Shuttle Columbia burned up on re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere killing the crew of six including Israel’s first man in space, Ilan Ramon.

2006:  Despite violent protests, Israel successfully completed the evacuation of the West Bank outpost of Amona.

2008: Six gunmen opened fire on the Israeli Embassy in Mauritania early this morning, trading fire with guards before fleeing

2014: An Egyptian jihadist group said today that it fired a rocket at the Red Sea resort of Eilat which was intercepted by Israeli air defenses, its second in a fortnight