Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for Palestinian help against Israel

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Dozens of neo-Nazis marched through the German city of Dortmund on Monday, calling for Palestinian support to eradicate Israel.

The demonstration, which came on the heels of an anti-fascist protest in the western German city, involved approximately seventy neo-Nazi activists marching through the streets, holding flags of the Third Reich flag and chanting, “Palestine help us, Israel still exists” and “Israel no more.”

Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff posted condemned the neo-Nazi rally, writing on Twitter: “Disgraceful to see neo-Nazis openly on the streets of Dortmund just as we celebrate the Jewish New Year, my wife’s great grand parents were from Dortmund and were murdered by the Nazis, where there is no remorse there can be no forgiveness.”

Dortmund is considered to have the biggest neo-Nazi presence of any city in western Germany, with the majority of them living in the Dorstfeld quarter.

Dorstfeld is littered with graffiti of Third Reich’s flag, symbols and writings.In September, anti-fascist activists arrived with police backup in Dorstfeld, where they covered the hateful graffiti with colors and messages calling for unity and tolerance.

When the neo-Nazis pledged retaliation for the clean-up, the anti-fascist activists vowed to march against them every Monday for the next 13 weeks.

Dortmund police chief Gregor Lange said: “The far-right has been pushed into a corner; they want part of the city to be theirs with no access for certain populations.

“They’re living in a parallel world where they don’t have to obey Germany’s laws, and we will act against them with the full strength of the law.”

According to the RIAS Berlin Commission, a federal organization that documents antisemitism in Germany, the police officers who escorted the neo-Nazis didn’t see fit to dismantle the rally.


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