Netanyahu on return to Israel: We brought peace

Categories: US-Israel Relationship


The historic trip to sign two peace agreements with Arab countries will bring good things to Israel and the world, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahusaid as the plane he took from Washington began its landed in Israel on Wednesday evening.

Speaking over the plane’s loudspeaker of his “historic visit,” Netanyahu referred to the folk song Hevenu Shalom Aleichem, which means “we brought peace unto you.”

“Sometimes we sing the song,” he said. “This is that moment. We will bring peace.”

The agreements with UAE and Bahrain are “a revolution that is good for Israel, good for the region and good for humanity.” 

Netanyahu expressed hope that “Israel will have many more flights like this one.”

The prime minister did not brief the press once on the two-day trip to Washington, with his staff citing the need to keep his distance due to coronavirus.

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