Palestinian TV Airs Children’s Program Featuring AK-47s and Stonings

Categories: Incitement


A children’s program on official PA TV last month that commemorated the late cartoonist Naji Al-Ali showed a selection of his cartoons, several of which promoted violence to kids, Palestinian Media Watch reported on Tuesday.

The cartoonist was famous among Palestinians for having invented the cartoon characters “Handala,” a boy who symbolizes the Palestinian refugee, and “Fatima,” a Palestinian woman.

One of the cartoons showed Fatima handing Handala an AK-47 rifle, according to PMW, while another showed Fatima with roots growing out below her dress connecting her to the ground, handing out rocks to children. One of the children, a girl, can be seen throwing a rock at an Israeli/Jew with a large nose and a Star of David on his hat who is covering his head.

The girl narrator on the program explained that Fatima symbolizes the strong Palestinian women: