CUFI Primers

Download these free primers and learn more about Israel, and the threats it and the United States face in addition to  other key issues.  These short primers will give you a great introduction to key topics.  Check back for updates

A recipient of US Aid the Lebanese Armed Forces are tasked with keeping Hezbollah at bay. Are they or are they collaborating?

Lebanese Armed Forces

Antisemitic attacks doubled in 2018 from the previous year. Learn why.

Rising Antisemitism

A vital component of the US - Israel relationship. Learn why US aid benefits both nations and makes Americans safer and more secure

US Aid to Israel

Cooperation between North Korea, Syrian and Iran. What do the experts say about this alliance?

North Korea, Iran & Syria

A key NATO ally, there has been a rapid decline in the in the relationship between the US/Israel and Turkey. Learn why?


S-400 Russian Missile system has been a major bone of contention between the USA and Turkey learn more about the system.

S-400 Missile System

Download our primer to learn more about the strategic plateau and its geo political significance.

Golan Heights

Learn all about terror organization Hamas, its ideology, goals and the threat it poses to Israel and the Jewish people.


Learn about the threat from the regime in Tehran that now sits on the border with the Jewish State.

The Islamic Republic of Iran