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The greatest weapon Israel’s advocates have is the truth. Darkness cannot exist in the light. That’s why Christians United for Israel produced Israel: Through the Looking Glass a movie that confronts the accusations against Israel with the reality on the ground. Witness with your own eyes and ears the contrast between Israel’s accusers and the true stories you’ve never heard.

Israel: Through the Looking Glass shatters myths and empowers Christians with an engaging tool to combat the sinister lies and distorted truths often told about the nation of Israel and her people. We need your help to get this message out and show millions of people the truth. With your help, we can turn the tide against anti-Israel propaganda.

Ami Horowitz, the film’s director, was right when he said that some of the decision makers in our world today walk about in a kind of “moral fog.” We can all help bring clarity to the appalling myths about Israel by helping CUFI make Israel: Through the Looking Glass a transformational tool to counteract the lies, the misconceptions and the indifference about Israel.

It has never been more important to share the truth about Israel with the world. You can make a difference. Help us spread this positive message to millions of people by requesting your copy of Israel: Through the Looking Glass today. There is no time to waste. The world is getting darker, and we must be the light.

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