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Now is the time for action! Every voice matters. Every person has a sphere of influence. Israel needs you to take your place in her story. CUFI needs you to join us as we work together to make Israel stronger and her people safer.

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Help grow Israel’s grassroots support network by attending a CUFI event in your area. Bring a friend, and learn about Israel from our experts!

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Join thousands of Christians in our nation’s capital for two days of power-packed advocacy training and mobilization.

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Thank President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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CUFI represents over 3.8million members, but it is each individual person willing to take action that makes Israel stronger and her people safer. 

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Every signature makes CUFI’s voice louder and makes Israel stronger. We need YOU to speak out for Zion’s sake. Join millions in signing The Israel Pledge.

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Support The IDF

Thank the IDF, send them a message today letting them know that they are are an inspiration to you, and to everyone around the world who values innocent human life.

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