US Sanctions Two Ex‐Lebanese Government Ministers for Providing ‘Material Support’ to Hezbollah

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Two former Lebanese government ministers were targeted by the US Treasury Department on Tuesday for their links to Hezbollah — the Iranian regime’s Shi’a terrorist proxy in Lebanon.

In a statement, the department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) confirmed that it had placed sanctions on ex-ministers Yusuf Finyanus and Ali Hassan Khalil. Both men had “provided material support to Hezbollah and engaged in corruption,” OFAC said.

The OFAC statement asserted that the latest designations “underscore how some Lebanese politicians have conspired with Hezbollah at the expense of the Lebanese people and institutions.”

“The United States supports the Lebanese people in their calls for a transparent and accountable government free of corruption,” the statement noted. “The catastrophic explosion at the port of Beirut on Aug. 4, 2020, has amplified these urgent calls, and the US government stands firmly in support of the Lebanese people’s demands.”

Finyanus served as Minister of Transportation and Public Works in the Lebanese government from 2016 until last month, when it collectively resigned following the Beirut blast.

According to OFAC, “as of mid-2019, Hezbollah used its relationship with officials in the Lebanese government, including Finyanus as Minister of Transportation and Public Works, to siphon funds from government budgets to ensure that Hezbollah-owned companies won bids for Lebanese government contracts worth millions of dollars.”

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