Visiting USAID deputy says Israeli tech will be key for developing nations

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The deputy administrator for the US Agency for International Development said on Wednesday that Israel has a key role to play in the organization’s efforts to combat food insecurity and poverty in developing nations.

Israeli cybersecurity technology, and its private sector, will help the aid agency with its planned implementation of 5G technology in the developing world, Bonnie Glick told The Times of Israel while on a visit to the Jewish state.

Jerusalem’s normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will also open avenues for the countries to collaborate on aid projects, she said.

Glick said that USAID, the US government’s development agency, is focused on a digital approach to aid in developing nations.

“It’s very different from the old school approach to foreign aid, where people may have considered things like USAID delivering sacks of grain or digging wells. We don’t do that any more,” said Glick.

The agency now focuses on providing tools to local groups and individuals, such as smart agricultural tools for farmers, or financial tools, to help developing areas achieve self-sufficiency.

“A country the US is supporting, the ultimate goal is for that country to be along the journey to self reliance,” Glick said. “It really needs to be empowered digitally. Its citizens need to have digital tools to participate fully in the nation’s economy, as well as in the global economy.”

USAID plans to make use of 5G telecommunications technology when it is widely available to benefit emerging economies, for education, finance, medical communications, and other purposes.

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